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Dropped it!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bambam_101, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Headed off to the city tonight for a mates party. Lil bit windy and very light drizzle. Great ride in, found a place to park nice and easy and even had a good night at the party......sober.

    Went to leave and the rain had picked up a bit. Bike was parked on the footpath on little colins st facing into the traffic. Rolled along the footpath to a driveway and started a u-turn to get onto the road. Car came along so i braked and put my foot down half way through the turn. Bike stopped, foot came down on to the wet pavement and then i felt it slip.....

    Felt the bike tipping ontop of me and before i knew it i was on my back with my right leg pinned under the bike. Dont know if it was partly to shock or the pain of a 170kg bike pinning you leg on the ground but i lay there for about 20 seconds just lookign up at the sky. Managed to pull my leg out and then pick the bike up. To be honest, i nearly accidentally threw it over on its other side i was that pissed off! Not sure where the strength came from!

    People are assholes!! 5 guys standing on the other side of the road did just that. Stood there and watched. 2 girls walking by were giggling as the walked past. I was still pinned under the bike at this stage too. Laying there that long it must have looked like i was hurt or something. Anyway, to those people i got one word....KARMA.

    Scraped the right bar end, mirror and brake lever, very minorly. Small scrape on fairing but it has cracked around one of the screws holding it on. Not too bad all up i guess. I can live with the damage but i do want to fix it so as its a reminder to take more care next time. Anyone know how much a new right hand side, lower fairing piece would cost? Do they come painted or do they need to be colour matched? Is it worth taking the bike to get checked out to see if any other damage was done? She seems to ride fine.

    I think i came out of it pretty well considering but man is my leg and ass sore at the moment! I think the ride home in the cold has kinda numbed it a bit so we'll see in the morning i guess!!!