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Dropped it, grrrr!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Scottatron, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Well, it took nearly 9 months, but I dropped the GPX for the first time this morning.

    Was at the Mobil on Hoddle St putting some air in the tyres. I dismounted and my backpack got caught on the air hose roller thingy. So in effect I was stuck on one leg and couldn't move due to the backpack being caught/wedged.

    Bike toppled over, luckily I was basically able to "guide" it down, so there is only extremely minor cosmetic damage to the right hand side on the petrol tank - right near where my knees go...so I will be able to buff it out etc.
  2. Dang!! That a bit of a bummer. Luck not much damage sustained.
  3. Well, there is some minor scuffing I can buff out, but there is also a line about 8cm long which appears to be a slight dent.
  4. Official welcome to the DAZS club

    (Dropped At Zero Speed)
  5. welcome to the club :grin:
    manly scar i would say
  6. Still pissed me off ;)
  7. I hope someone video'd that fall mate... that's a funniest home video winner.

    How badly does that suck!!!

    Commiserations man!
  8. Looking back, it would've looked quite funny I guess :LOL:

    You can't see the damage unless you are quite close to the bike, so it isn't all bad.....
  9. I dropped my bike today aswell.
    Seems like it is a bad day for people named Scott to ride their GPX.
  10. :shock: :shock: :shock:


    The scary thing is, I seem to have a public holiday curse.

    The last public holiday I worked (A while back now), I had a car accident when some f#@kstick ran a red light and I lost it trying to avoid him/her), and now I dropped the bike today.
  11. Cool, another merit badge i had and i didn't even know the name of it.

    Scottatron, it happens, as diggerdave said welcome to the club
  12. Hehe, just "me too"ing on this thread :grin: Coming up to an intersection, light just turned green, at slow speed (30kmh odd), dual lane veering a little left. I'm in the inside lane, moving slightly faster than the car next to and in front of me. He's moving into my lane, panic sets in as I think he's about to cut me off to turn left (happened me in a car before, so that's what I thought...was just cutting the corner a little in the end) and I move left and grab/stomp too hard on the brakes. The rear end lets go and falls around, (lowside I think it's called?) and I end up on the black stuff. Stand up and the guy on the bike behind me asks if I'm okay. What a top person, was pretty happy to have company just then. Switch the engine off, he helps me pick up the bike and assess the damage. Lost the left mirror (cracked off below the mount on the clutch lever assembly...off to the For Sale section for parts?! :)), sore left hipbone and right knee...swollen and will bruise (nothing in other words). The guy straightens out the gear shift lever/pedal for me and is on his way after making sure I'm okay to get back home. If you're reading this mate, appreciate you stopping and helping out a great, great deal :) So...two weeks is all it took, will have to get the mirror sorted before going too far, but laughing a little at my newbie self and happy to have the first drop over with...to be honest, I didn't think it'd happen like this. Oh well. Great night run up to this point, feeling much better in tighter turns after getting comfortable with proper steering (push and lean). I guess this will do me well, I know I have to be more prepared to slow/stop quickly (they beat this into us at the learners course) so off to empty areas to practice this some more. Sorry for the rant, thanks again dude :grin: I've apologised to the Spada (now Christened I suppose, Lara I dub thee), have to buy her a new part now to make her happy :roll:
  13. Geez Scottatron, you are scaring me already with the:
    I live in Reservoir too and going for my Learner's next week...
    Hope you weren't at Reservoir when that happened... otherwise I'll have to tell you to go riding with me, we can both chuck a hissy fit at stupid drivers... hahahaha
  14. Bummer about that, Scottatron. I always thought I might have been overly paranoid about making sure I connect and tuck in all the straps on my backpack. I guess they can get caught!

    At least you were able to stop it from dropping hard. A few minor scratches is nothing to worry about - war wounds :wink:
  15. I've been riding with a new backpack lateky and I felt the flap of the strap on the home today for the first time. I had thought that nothing could come of it but thanks for letting me know otherwise.
  16. Ahh, another Reservoirian ;)

    And no, it wasn't here, it was on the top of Hoddle St at the Mobil Servo, probably would be classed as either Abbotsford or Collingwood...

    And to clear it all up, it was the actual body of the bag itself, not a strap :)
  17. Is dropping a bike mainly about damaging it cosmetically, and possibly losing a mirror? As well as looking a bit foolish. Is there any 'real' damage you can do to a bike by dropping it? It seems like it's a huge deal. I'm nooby so I wouldn't know. :p
  18. Well mine is barely damaged, but I guess the main damage will be cosmetic (At zero speed like mine)

    Never dropped it whilst on the move....so dunno :)
  19. Depends on the type of drop (speed and circimstances), the bike and just luck.
    A ZZR250 has sidefairings that are around $700 each and usually at least $300 to repair.
    In a simple gravity drop you can easily do a mirror, a fairing, footpeg, footpeg bracket, gear or break lever and scratch/bend the exhaust and brackets. You'd have to be unlucky to do all these but it certainly can happen.
    Moral is, try not to drop it, but it does happen.