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Dropped it for the first time, lesson learnt

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tarsh, May 19, 2007.

  1. Guys

    Some lessons learnt the hard way today.

    1) I parked my bike on the side walk (with slightly downhill) outside the maccas at cnr of victoria pde and smith st in the city. as i was taking off my helmet the bike rolled slightly forward and fell onto my right leg (thankfully). the handlebar made first contact with the ground and the clutch lever snapped in half. thankfully the fairings and exhaust were untouched. the clutch lever cost me $14 at 1300 Kawasaki in Ferntree gully.

    lessons learnt: when parking on a slope leave bike in gear so it doesnt roll and turn front wheel inside before putting it on side stand.

    2) riding in the rain in the arvo i tried to do engine blipping after reading some of the other forums couple of days ago and this resulted the bike sliding from side to side for about 2 secs. thankfully i kept it together.

    lessons learnt: dont do heavy engine breaking in the wet. ride slower, brake over a longer distance.

    by the way, after having dropped my bike it makes a strange metallic noise when its between 9000 - 10000 rpm in whatever gear. any idea what this might be guys?

    thanks and sorry to be bearer of bad news, but hopefully you new riders can take my experience and be more careful,

  2. its probably your clutch lever vibrating rest you hand on it without sqeezing it in.

  3. you had a crappy after market clutch. return it and ask for genuine clutch
  4. clutch lever I hope you mean :shock:

    dude, don't worry about blipping the bike yet. wait until you're comfortable with everything else until you start trying that..
  5. Bad luck with the drop. :(

    I've had proper parking drilled into me by my Dad as his Ultra Classic weighs in at about 380kg, you don't want to mess that up.
  6. thanks for responses guys.

    i might just try tightening the clutch lever tomorrow and tell u guys how i went.

    whats the best way to park a bike on a slope?
  7. Face the bike uphill. You can always back it down hill if you need to turn around, good luck trying to back uphill with a heavy bike. Also, if the bike is pointing uphill the lean angle between the bike and the ground will still be normal for the kickstand.

    Don't lean into the slope, the bike will be too upright and easy to knock away from the stand.

    Don't lean with the slope, the bike may tip over the top of the kickstand.
  8. in gear, with the length of the bike running perpendicular to the grade of the slope.
  9. Get in to the habit of stopping in gear and putting your sidestand down, which will then cut the engine. Also as said park bike uphill if you can.
  10. 380 kilos ??? is that for real... dammm its heavy
  11. Yeah, the Ultra Classic is a big, heavy bike. Dad's bike is probably heavier still as it has heaps of extra bling.

    Once you're on the road the weight is irrelevant, it's actually quite surprising how nimble the Ultra is on the road. I wouldn't want to be trying to blast through the twisties on it, but it's remarkable how far over you can lean it on a big sweeper.
  12. Reminds me of the time I dropped the Across. About to ride to work one day, I rode out of the car port to the bottom of the driveway(down hill) to open the gate. Put bike in neutral, kick stand down, jump off, open gate, turn around and..............see my bike slowly moving forwards. In a swift display of athletisim that would make Ricky Ponting look like David Boon, I tried to dive and somehow catch the darn thing.

    In the end I caused more damage to the fairings by trying to stop it(grabbed the front wheel which made it crash to the ground harder) and injured my hand in the process. Also managed to invent 7 new swear words but alas I did learn a lesson or two. Lesson #1: Bikes are hard things to catch. Lesson #2: If parking facing down a slope, make sure the bike cannot move at all ie. turn off and put in gear.

    Its also a good habit to make sure the bars are turned to the left, on full lock(if bike doesnt have a steering lock). This puts a little bit more resistance on the side stand if the bike decides to move forwards.
  13. ok guys. you were right!!!!

    it was the clutch lever making the vibrating noise.

    any ideas on how to repair this? i tried tightening the bolt that attaches the clutch lever to the handlebar but this didnt work.

    it only happens between 9 - 10000 revs.

    any ideas are appreciated.


  14. make a washer out of a alloy can (beer, coke what ever takes your fancy) and put it between the lever and the perch with the bolt through the middle, should solve your vibe probs, just make sure the clutch lever isnt to stiff to use though
  15. whats a perch?
  16. That's the same way I dropped mine, except it was Swanston St, with all my work mates watching :oops: