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Dropped it, 50 metres from the dealers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheShak, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. Took me a few hours to get it all straight in my head as I was having a crisis of confidence in my riding skills. So here's the conclusion I've come to so far.

    I am a newbie so if anyone can point out anything I've done wrong technique-wise or have come to the wrong conclusion, please let me know.

    So went to pick up my first bike ever (2012 Ninja 250) from the dealership this morning. Brought the kids along to surprise them, and they enjoyed it heaps.

    I'd rode on it earlier in the week for a test drive with no issues whatsoever through a few sets of lights. So no issues with stopping and starting and riding in traffic.

    Unfortunately, this was not the case this morning.
    I pulled away from the driveway just fine and came up to an T intersection 10 metres away still in first gear.
    here's where it started - tried to take off, stalled.
    Pulled the clutch in, started the bike, tapped the gear lever down a few times to make sure I was in 1st, went to go and stalled again.
    Thankfully its a quiet street and intersection.
    Ran through the above checks again, went to go, got halfway between the two lanes and stalled.
    Once again ran through the checks and went to go as per above and gave it a bit more gas this time... unfortunately, this time it picked up and I hurriedly grabbed the clutch but it had picked up a bit of speed already... and unfortunately, I was still pointed across the road... managed to get it around a bit but ended up dropping the bike on the sidewalk.
    Picked myself and the bike to see the salesman, that i'd been dealing with over the past week, and a customer jogging over to me.
    They then pushed the bike back to workshop as the gear shifter had been bent, the front left indicator was broken and the left side fairing was scratched.

    The only difference between this morning and the other day is that the choke was pretty much off today. Which I believe contributed to me dropping the bike as I panicked at the sudden acceleration and didn't handle the clutch very well.

    A bit long-winded I know, but if anyone has any feedback I'd love to hear it. Don't hold back either, I've been beating myself up over it all day while trying to replay in my head what happened and why.

    But as everyone at the shop said, at least I got that out of the way...
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  2. Hi Shak, perhaps more revs and then gentle on the clutch. Take it to a vacant carpark and get a feel for the friction point. I have dropped my machine each side at 0 kmh as I passed the tipping point when the slope was wrong! Now ride with damagrd fairings. Sh1t happens! You've had your fall. Now get out there and practice and have fun.
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  3. Its easy to do,been riding for years and its still easy to do.At anything lower than walking pace I have the clutch in and feather the rear brake.For a bike to be stable it needs a bit of speed,don't beat yourself up.I had a little woopsy a couple of months back being a star at the 7/11 at Berawra creeping around in 1st on a close to full lock and stalled it.Propped a leg out and was to far over to hold it,need a helping push,in front of a couple a dozen hard chargers waiting to do the old Rd.
    No excuse for me,I have owned this bike for 26 years.Next time avoid an audience.
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  4. sounds pretty average for a first timer. bikes tip over, especially when you are learning

    i've done 100,000ks and just dropped my road bike for the first time outside the dealers on new tyres!

    shit happens, if you don't get hurt its all shits and giggles

    the way i see it, any crash could put you in a wheelchair, so 'if you walk away, its a good day!'

    now go practise away from those cars

    actually reminds me of when i got my first bike.

    i did the same, stalled it about ten times, then rode up and back along a straight gravel road. got the engine up to 6000 revs and thought 'wow this is fast, better back off'
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  5. Don't worry I can relate.

    My first ride on my vtr after buying it second hand ended up the same. I took it out around the block, went around the roundabout to come back and on a nice tight left hand turn (slightly downhill) panicked and pulled the front break as I was turning through the corner which resulted in me coming off.

    Nice dent in the tank from where my leg smacked it, a few scratches, bent gear shifter, n some other little things as a result.

    Was embarrassing as behind me where at least 3 or 4 cars... haha

    Anyway this happened at the start of the year, and here I am now, comfortable! And having a blast.

    I'm in no spot to comment as to why you stalled so many times, but not having the choke on seem's to be the culprit (I could be very wrong.)

    Just make sure you're bikes always warmed up and ready and don't get frustrated if you stall. I still remember out on the main roads thinking about taking off and thinking 'what if I stall' and making a bigger deal out of it than it actually was.

    But anyway take on board what's happened, don't beat yourself up about it, you've had your off like the people said so go out, practise, and just have a good time!
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  6. From my experience I think you might be over thinking the whole thing. The annoy thing about being around motorbikes is the never ending amount of "right and wrong" advice you will get. You need to figure it out for yourself, and try and take it nice and slow. Just go for quiet ride one day in the back streets and get to know your bike and your own technique. Good luck, ride safe!
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  7. What were your legs doing the whole time?

    RIght toe can be gently on the rear so this will prevent you from shooting forward if you happen to give her too much gas, but will also stabilise you while you move forward.

    I had to practice this quite a bit on the 910 cause even a little bit of gas makes the bike want to go!

    Main thing is you're not hurt. The bike can be easily fixed and you'll master it in no time.
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  8. It happens mate try not to worry. For any other new learners out there when I started out I had the bike delivered so I could get used to it in quiet back streets before venturing out on the roads for the first time. Big difference from doing your test course etc and riding it home the first time.
  9. Thanks for the pep talk everyone. Thankfully was geared up but my kevlar jeans didn't have knee pads so got a 1 inch friction burn and a lump on my lower left leg from where the bike fell on me. Now after decompressing and icing down my leg, I can feel my left shoulder a bit twingy but loosens up after I move it around.

    Was initially pretty glum this arvo while thinking things over, but now I'm more determined to master this beast!
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  10. Yeah, I was thinking about doing that this time around after the bits get fixed. I don't know why I didn't do that in the first place. Its not as if I'm over confident in my newbie skills either, as I'm more cautious than anything else...
  11. You've discovered you are human, nothing wrong there so far. As has been said , practice your take offs, get used to the friction point of the clutch and dont be scared of the throttle, you'll be fine
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  12. As a suggestion, next time turn it on before you get your gear on. Then it will be nicely warmed up before you start. Smaller bikes with manual choke can be trIcky until they warm up properly.
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  13. Thanks middo. I thought i'd left it on for long enough (a couple of minutes) but I guess I mustn't have :-/ I already had my jacket on, so turned it on, left glove on, helmet, right glove on, hop on the bike, clutch in tap down first gear, take off and stay in 1st to the intersection 10 metres away, then stop
    then it all started to go pear-shaped. If only I wasn't turning when it happened, this would have been a less sore and much less expensive experience...

    Left shoulder is a bit more sore today when I'm moving it around, but that's to be expected I guess.
  14. If in doubt get it xrayed.
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  15. Will do, thanks!
  16. well you are not the first, this bloke just bought it and rode off................ sort of

    and this
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  17. and newbies wonder why they get told over and over to buy a naked bike
  18. Meh - unfaired bikes just mean you scratch engine metal instead of plastic - they still scratch up and get things bent out of shape when you drop them.

    Sounds like it just wasn't warmed up enough - the 250 ninjas are a bit slow to get going when cold.
    You can check to see if it ready by revving it before you get on - if it struggles to pick up its revs then it isn't ready.

    Don't be too hard on yourself - we have all dropped bikes before.
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  19. You're not the only one! I took delivery of an NC700 last week and dropped it in the first 100km. I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've dropped a bike in years of riding, but it still happens. The NC700 has a radiator that sticks out like the proverbial so I had an engine guard - but had not fitted it. Fortunately, the accident was on grass at the top of someone's drive, and there was no damage, to me or the bike. Next task is to actually fit the engine guard. And as others have said, main thing is you're OK. It could have been a lot worse.
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  20. At least u didn't do what I did the first time the absolute horror of dropping your pride and joy occurs. I pulled up on wet, smooth brick pavers outside my old work on morning. Long story short I laid my unmarked gixxer1000 down on the right side whilst stationary. The mix of horror, shock, embarrassment, anger, adrenaline and resultant superhuman strength caused me to heave the poor girl upright,,,,,,, then just a little past upright,,,,,,, and drop onto the other (beautiful, unmarked) side :banghead:
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