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Dropped into Elizabeth st

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Didly, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Well I was in Elizabeth st today on my lunch break and dropped into Peter Stevens to check out prospective first bikes :cool:. Was talking to a guy there named Vic, said he was new. I was checking out the GV650 Aquilas. Had three 2nd hand ones, all seemed in pretty good knick, one only had like 260km's.

    I was checking out one with about 1700km, was a bit more within my price range, he said it's 7480 driveaway, 12 months rego. As I intend to buy all the gear I need at the same time, and pay in cash, I'm quite sure he will be able to go down a considerable amount.

    I questioned him on the reputation that I seem to pick up from people about the build quality on Hyosungs, he responded by saying that if Hyosungs were of crap quality, Peter Stevens wouldn't risk their reputation by selling them. Would this line be a load of crap? It seemed to make sense to me.
  2. I think that is bullshit about 'protecting their reputation'. Hyosung's are cheap, and because of that people buy them - and because you get what you pay for you are getting lower quality parts and they break. PS would sell a lot of them because of all this and if you were a salesman selling them you would spin the same story.

    I would reckon get an older recognised quality bike, hang on to it for a year and when you are off your restricted reassess the situation. It would probably hold its value better too.
  3. Hyo review needed.

    Dougz. Calling Dougz.
  4. Of course the salesperson will give you an unbiased opinion on the product he's trying to sell.

    They're well known for their candour, especially at Stevo's.
  5. bwhahahhahahah... Stevo's... reputation.. bwhahahahahahah

    Stevo's have a sh1t reputation mate of ripping people off..

    Hyodungs are just that... DUNG...

    if you want a sporty styled bike buy a Kwaka "insert fashionable model here"..

    there are heaps better bikes out there for the same or less $$$.. CB400, RVF400, ZZR250, KLE500, CBR250RR etc etc
  6. A few serious questions.

    second hand at 260Km? WHY???WHY??!!!

    then we have to define crap. If by crap, you mean crap? then...yes.

    People buy then because they are cheap enough for something new.

    I dont think they are that bad. better than a push bike
  7. warnabrother.... how about you take thirty seconds of your prescious time and read the whole OP?

    Rather than jump on the Hyo is crap band wagon(which your welcome too), your certainly not alone up there. The Aquila is a cruiser. The sportster is the GT.

    Going to have a b***h, then at least have the common curteousy to read the post, and at least have half an idea. I guess you haven't owned one either so your opinion is probably second hand and worthless. At least Dougz has had one. He has the right to complain.
  8. I think he said that it was an unwanted prize
  9. Nah!!
    Just an unwanted pressie!! :LOL:

    Anyway, I'll go with the recognised brand bit.
    (see I read the OP) :p

    Cheers :grin:

  10. Hmm, well I think I'd rather not take a risk with Hyosungs. I'd rather not find out myself if they're shit :p

    The main reason I was after a cruiser is because I'm about 120kg's. While I'm not a blob (I'm a weightlifter), I'd like to not look like an egg on a bike. But fcuk it, who cares what I look like if im having fun I guess! ZZR250 looks tidy :grin: fcukin decisions
  11. What about the KLR 650??
  12. How does Ray Quincey's rate in reputation?
  13. LOL.. spot the Hyosung owner..
    I did read the OP.. and do have half an idea.. I deal with Hyosungs in our workshop on a weekly basis.. they are poorly made, poorly put together, cheap Korean crap..
    they are dressed up POS's that people buy for no other reason than price.. yes, the fill a void in our market.. but FFS.. don't go defending them as a good bike mate.. they are okay.. and just okay at that..
  14. :LOL: I lol'd ....
  15. ...Rarely would you find a completely impartial, fully disclosing viewpoint from any party that has a potential financial gain. I always remember that when dealing with a salesperson.
  16. warna mine is fine(at the time of print), and I am not a "Fanboy"

    The GV and the GT are 2 totally different bikes. And your original post doesn't reflect this now does it?

    Would I deal with Peter Stephens again? Not if the same people where there a year ago. I had some ordinary treatment from one of the sales people, but the great treatment I had off the original guy more than made up for it. I do believe they have some new staff through there now and I hope it has improved. I would buy your gear elsewhere though.

    Would I buy a Hyo again? Yes, i think I would. Mine has been fine. But I'd rather have a ducatti...

    You should speak to an Aquila owner.

    Become a member and get some discounts. And have a look in the Preferred Partners section. Membership is worth the money.

    I see you made a post in the cruisers section, probably the best place.
  17. Personally i'd stay away from the hyo cruisers.... Why not get a VT250C or a VT600C (both cruisers with lams)

    I'm 6ft 2", 125kgs (weight lifter like you, don't let the name fool you) and i used to own a zzr250. Comfortable for my size, just. Then i had a hyosung GT250R. Very comfortable with size, but position on the bike (super sports) made it tough to commute for more than 1 hour without a break)

    Now i'm on the GS500F! Best bike ever for my size i reckon. Soooo damn cumfy, and enough power to drag my heavy ass up a hill with still more power on tap should i wanna go faster!
  18. Peter Stevens reputation… The almost have a monopoly on motorbike sales in Victoria, what do they care about reputation?
  19. the yammy LAMS cruisers are awesome and worth a look at!
  20. Went to Ray Quincey's today to have a look, they had a nice little ZZR250, with 3300km on the clock, rego til june. I noticed there was a small crack just under where the fairing meets the headlight and a small chip off the point of it too, but there were no other markings.

    I put a $100 deposit on it, pending how my test goes, I'll go pick it up on Saturday next week for $6350 drive away:grin: