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Dropped Hyosung at uber-slow speed = $3200 repair bill

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by RustyRR, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Posting for a friend who just received a quote from Peter Stevens, it seems a bit excessive as I've had the same repair done but on the left side and it was a fraction of the cost.

    It's a Hyosung GT250R. It was dropped on its RH side at low speed while turning into a driveway.

    From his description this is the damage -

    RH handlebar cap (end bit) scraped
    RH brake leaver scraped
    Muffler scratched
    Fairing on the right side scratched and pushed out of shape / scratched, especially arround instrument panel.
    RH right indicator broken
    RH mirror broken

    Quote from Peter Stevens:

    Muffler - $1236
    R/H Footrest - 26.79
    Rear Brake Lever - $48.24
    R/H Main Panel - $269.09
    R/H upper fairing $173.64
    R/H upper fairing vent $78.54
    R/H front indicator - $61.06
    Front brake lever - $80.91
    R/H Mirror $91.86
    R/H Handlebar (??) $131.51
    Throttle Grip $13.64
    Instrument Cover $17.33
    Labour (6x) $660

    total $3178

    Never owned a hyosung but the muffler pricing looks suss and as I said I had much the same repair done for about $1k.

    Just looking for a sense of how right this is, cheers
  2. The OEM muffler for my zed is in the same price bracket.

    None of those prices seem too outlandish for OEM ordered from Hyosung

    When I got hit last year my quote was about the same, new pipe, engine cover clutch cover and repainting of my tail fairing.

    If it's an insurance job who cares - they are going to cover it all any way.

    If he's paying I'd look at either living with the scratches on the pipe or going aftermarket and repairing the fairings rather than replacing (the ones that are not cracked) & hit up wreckers or order the parts from o/s
  3. Have a look at this, this and this thread. Get your friend to call up one of them to get an alternative price to see how the PS price fares and go from there.
  4. I was forced on my side at a round about on my cb400 - almost stationary drop. Got her details cops came thank god....quote came thru to $4200 incl around $500 labour.

    Why ? all i could see was a bent peg and brake lever and a few scratches !
  5. +1 for living with a few scratches if he is paying for it himself.

    That's a big bill considering probable value of the bike.

    Here's a couple of websites where you can order parts, might save a bit if he fixed it up himself. www.richardhyosunggvgt.com and http://www.hyosungsource.com/.
  6. My friend owns a Hyosung... sounds like a 'my friend got a guinea pig caught in his rectum, what should I, err I mean he, do?' type post.

    Seriously, I would live with the scratches and just fix the neccesary things. Even claiming the insurance will cost him a bundle through increased excess in the long run.
  7. Or just sell it privately for whatever they can get for it and buy something that can take a low speed drop without disintegrating (ie not a Hyosung).
  8. Simple don't ever buy any thing from Hyo AUS...

    Get it from www.hyosungsource.com you'll probably cut it by 2/3's easy...
  9. Thanks for the response guys, much appreciated.
  10. Heather has dropped her 250 Aquila about 6 times, A few scratches that werent worth worrying about,'

    The fairings are what cost to repair,
  11. I'm a bit surprised at the cost of the front brakelever. Replacing a bent clutch lever on my VTR250 was, like, $15.
  12. It's a hyo every things 2 to 3 times more expensive than anyone else...
  13. That's Hyo's for you. Cheap buy in and then they **** the crap out of your wallet. Nothin is for nothing or cheap in the bike game.
    The prices look like full RR. Labour is good.
    They have to bill them like this. The assessor will come in and scratch about 15% off that.
    The big question is WAS HE INSURED. If so stuff it, don't worry. Pay the excess and have it looking like new again.
    If not just get the thing going and legal, because it probably wont be the last time it goes down.
  14. Original VTR250 muffler costs around $1K plus GST...
  15. I have mine sitting in my garage
  16. Ebay mate, or keep it just in case a wombat decides to cross your path..
  17. usually a stationary drop of a hyo results in bent forks and sub frame
  18. I bought a dropped Hyosung last year, it was dropped in a car park and was not written off. Pricing from PS was pretty high on the majority of the parts I needed, I ended up using Screaming Demon in WA. Shane's service was awesome and price's were great also. As a comparison, PS wanted $900 for a headlight and Screaming Demon was $260 odd for a brand new, genuine parellel imported unit.
    Don't bother with the factory pipe, you can pick up an aftermarket one for around $250ish.
  19. Definitely use the Hyo links posted already... soo much cheaper buying from richardhyosung in Korea for example and it'll probably get to your door before PS have it as well. These bits used to be cheap a few years back then PS took over the spares for them and suddenly all the prices went up 300%... great way to make money given they can be fairly certain a lot of learners on 250s will drop them at some point. For comparison of pre-PS vs post-PS, way back when i had my GT250R it got reversed into and knocked over so both sides needed repairs and new parts including a new tank and the bill was nowhere near what you've been quoted, well under $2k from memory but that was just before PS took over parts.

    If you're paying... i think the Megacycle muffler is only $300 or something and sounds great (and only in Keysborough)!
  20. from what staffords said once to me, "It's a shame that the shinko's have been replaced, we get less insurance work now"