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Dropped Him on the Weekend

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Monty, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Had a tiny incident on Saturday morning at 6am on the way to work. Pulled up at a stop sign, went to put my foot down but the road sloped away a bit and before I knew it we were both laying on the ground looking up at Spectre :shock: (thank god he was there I would never been able to pick Kit up again!).

    Stood him up and he wouldn't start. Spectre pushed him the rest of the way to work and I rode his bike (very weird getting on a CB250 after the ZZR). Thinking that he was flooded we left Kit sitting for about an hour and tried to start him up again, this time wouldn't even turn over :shock: :shock: , getting really worried by this time. Finally got hold of a Mechanic at 7:30 on a Saturday, he came and picked us up, 3 hours and a lot of tinkering later........

    It was terrible, everytime we came back to see how it was going Kit was in more pieces! As it turned out there was a whole series of chain events and as Tim (the Mechanic) fixed one something else was wrong. Hydraulic Lock, gunck in the Carby, leaky petrol tank :shock: and just some general servicing type stuff.

    But by 1:30 we were on the road again, going straight home instead of the nice wandering trip we had planned (Blackburn to Werribee) and I went inside and sulked :cry: . Up side is that he is running sooooo well now it's fantastic.

    I have to give praise to the Mechanic Tim Walsh - In Tune in Ringwood. Fantastic guy, really helped me out of a spot and did a fantastic job! He shop is out the back of Bike Mart, since there seems to be so many dodgy places out there I wanted to share a fantastic experience with a great mechanic.
  2. Geez, what a day Monty! Glad you got your baby back up and running :)

    When I had my ZZR all the spills were no speed ones...maybe its a ZZR thang! :roll: :)
  3. No good about your off, but glad you found (and shared) a good mechanic.
  4. I'm just glad you're OK. Bikes can be fixed (no matter how much we love our rides, in the end, they repair easier than we do!), and in your case, you're back on within several hours.
  5. Don't beat yourself up over this too much Monty. It is all part of the learning curve. Glad to hear that you are alright, and the bike is better.
  6. Glad to hear you are ok.. Everytime I see the headings I think its gonna be really bad... So I'm happy it wasn't

    Stay safe

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Monty, glad you weren't hurt n the fall and had Spectre there to help you. Put it down to experience. Looks like the fall gave you an opportunity to get the mechanics sorted out. So I guess in the end you came out ahead.

  8. hahaha i know how you feel dude. just after i got my zx7r i pulled up in the rain and hit some oil under foot and over i went.

    1. zx7r's are bloody top heavy
    2. my leg almost got broked'n :eek: and couldnt walk the next day >:-(
  9. dropped mine 3 times once in the driveway, lucky that's where my mechanic lives! OCD Racing, I wouldn't go anywhere else!
  10. Looks like u have the same problem as I do. That is that I can only just reach the roadway with the tips of my toes when I come 2 a stop. :oops: That's why i learnt very quickly 2 make absolutly shore that where I stop I can still place my left foot on the roadway. I've had 2 bail off b4 & lay bike down on ground gently so she wouldn't get to much damage, bit of a shock that was at the time. :shock: They didn't cover that in the 'HART' course. :twisted:

    Hmm, someone might b right, that was on the zzr as well. :?
  11. Monty , could you post his shop and mob #'s please, may be handy for other riders in time of need.

    cheers ratty
  12. In Tune M/Cycle Services
    Factory 4 / 70 Maroonda H'way Ringwood
    03 9879 6688
  13. Maybe it is... have dropped my ZZR 600 a couple of times now, none recently touch wood. Learning curve coming froma 2 stroke scooter to a 4 cylinder motorbike with 3 times the cc is friggin huge :D