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Dropped Helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mintpaul, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I just bought a new helmet on Saturday and I have just dropped it onto tarmac from my mirror on my bike. It did bounce and leave a tiny chip.
    Will it be OK?
    Surely the helmet can handle a bit of bashing around (I hope)
    It has been the first helmet I dropped.

  2. Dude, i'd say it'd be alright.. foam inside wouldn't have been compressed etc..

    I also say this because I did the same thing to my lid when i got it about a year ago. And i'm still using it.
  3. Hard to say realy, only an xray of said helmet can truely reveal how much damage is done, but from what I heard, your head has to be in it for any real damage to occur to the helmet, hard one to say honestly, though it will teach you not to put your helmet on your mirror (yes it has happened to me as well)
  4. is there anyone who hasnt dropped their lid? :LOL:

    as others have said, nobody can tell you that your helmet is still good, but i dont reckon you have done anything other than cosmetic damage :)
  5. Genuinely, you will cause more damage by placing your helmet on your mirror than would be caused if it fell of the mirrror. This is because the mirror stalks etc had compress the foam and padding causing irregularities which may (only may) cause an issue in the event of a helmet impact.

    Now, given the helmet was a day old, there is no risk of damage by the mirror.

    As for the drop, from what you describe there would be no damage, hoever, if you are able to see any of the shell (which would be seen as white patches of fibreglass construction, not paint etc) than the shell may be damaged. However, it is unlikely that there is any structural damage but if the shell is visible it becomes more susceptible to environmental damage )ie. sun, wind, rain etc) and that small patch will increase fairly rapidly (not days, but across months) into a larger risk area.

    But, from what you describe, no risk, just dont put the helmet on the mirror.

  6. I've yet to drop my lid.... and I've ridden since May. :p

    Yaaay me.
  7. Had my lid 3 weeks, haven't dropped it yet, mind you I handle it like a newborn baby... that you wear on your head ...

    My instructor at HART dropped his helmet on cement in his garage, not a very hard drop, didn't even leave a scratch, but he said he knew it would be written off, at least not going to give 100% of its protection in an accident. Oh and it cost $1200, and only a few weeks old.

    But he rang up his insurer and it turned out it was covered under his house insurance, got a cheque for 1200, bought the helmet on special for 850 and got a new jacket :D

    Just a thought.
  8. its OK to drop a helmet just so long as THERE WAS NOTHING IN IT.

    its the damage caused by your head or if there was a brick in the helmet that you should be aware of.

    the shell isnt the part that protect your head. the danger is the inside if it is stressed or cracked.

    if you get it tested they will only test whats under the shell. ask the manufacturer about the importance of the shell. they will know because they designed it.
  9. Rear pegs are handy for resting a helmet. (maybe not for open face helmets)
  10. i havent dropped my recent helmet once. (2 months old {h} )

    but my first helmet would have given a anvil a run for its money the amount of times i dropped it.

    when i had my stack my helmet was first to hit the ground at 70km/h (minus however much the impact slowed me down) and it did its job fine.

    but...i dunno maybe it was my thick skull that protected me lol.
  11. Your instructor was either telling you porkies or he actually perpetuated a fraud and was only 100% sure his helmet was damaged until his insurance came to the party and he made a tidy profit from the experience.
  12. I've never dropped my helmet, always put it either on it's hook on on the ground so it can't fall!
    if you dropped it from that height onto cement most instructors would suggest that it be replaced.
  13. motogp riders come off their bikes hitting their helmets then get back on and keep riding. (I don't think that's a smart move but they do it)
    Do you honestly believe a small drop onto the ground whilst it being empty will do anything to the helmet?
    It may skuff it may scratch but remember that there is no impact absorption perse because the inside is empty hence any dmage is so minimal and miniscule that it aint worth worrying about.
  14. Well let's put it this way, if you have a big accident and the helmet doesn't perform up to scratch we'll know that you should have replaced it. :grin:
    J/king, it should be good.
  15. Thanks for your feed back,

    Dose any body know of any thing that I can use on the very small chip to protect it from the elements that you can use on the helmet.


  16. Instructors would have to say that about dropping helmets.
    Helmets cost hundreds.
  17. Instructors would have to say that about dropping helmets. Other wise the might be liable, they are just covering there own bums
    Helmets cost hundreds.
  18. Hi,
    Any type of stress raisor on the skin of the helmet is not desired!
    All I can say is hope that you don't have an accident.

    Yes the internal polymer does act as protection barrier but the skin /shell is what keeps it in tact.

    I'm sure most of us have dropped our helmet and not replaced it but it is all at our own risk.

  19. What was the construction of the helmet.

    Polycarbonates can take a bit of rough treatment. They are good protection for a number of small impacts.

    Fibreglass isn't as forgiving. they are good protection for one decent impact.

    More complex composites fall somewhere between the two.
  20. Those who know - will a bit of nail polish on a scratch do the job and not... I dunno, dissolve away the helmet or whatever?