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Dropped Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by port80, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. So I've had my gear for two weeks, and I dropped my helmet today. KBC VR-1 - $300 worth. It fell off the handlebars in a strong wind. Took it into the shop, they said I should replace it. Anybody else done this?

  2. Did it free fall or did you slow it down?

    Where abouts on the helmet did it land?

    Top, back, visor?

    I'd be inclined to say "that is one $300 lesson"

    Bummer dood :(
  3. Write on it "Mother-in-law use only".
  4. That's unfortunate. It hasn't happened to me.
    My Shoei came with a helmet bag and out of habit, whenever I stop I place the helmet in the bag and either put it in my Ventura bag, when I'm carrying it, thread the loops around the Ventura rack when I'm not or otherwise over the mirror stork and around the handlebars.
  5. Vic, It fell as I was standing beside the bike, I sort of stopped it with my foot. But there were some small gouges in it right in the crown of the head. The visor mechanism is a little broken too. I cannot open the visor fully without it falling off. I don't really want to risk it.
  6. How hard did it impact on the ground?

    Scratches are nothing but cosmetic.

    A lid is made up of dense foam with an outer shell to protect the foam.

    If YOU think that it hit the ground hard enough to compact the foam then it's a $300 lesson. If it merely tapped the ground and received a scratch I'd buy some touch up paint and fill in the scratch.

    But again, YOU are the only one that can make the decision as to it's continued use or not.

    Not much help when you've just dropped a $300 lid but hey, welcome to motorcycling, hows ya cheque book :)
  7. I'm a newbie so please people, correct me and tell me I'm a dickhead if it's the case, but how much of this "if you drop it throw it out" thing is overreaction?
    What's actually happening when you drop an empty helmet a few feet that compromises it? Can someone explain, because any difference it could make seems miniscule to me. (I'm not talking about a helmet with cracks in it or whatever, that's obviously compromised).

  8. I just explained it to you one post earlier :)
  9. She looks to take about a medium as well :)
  10. hmmm, i have read an interesting study on dropping helmets from approx. waist height on to concrete and it determined that the odds of compromising the helmets integrity were around 1%.. it’s a real pity i have no idea where that article came from on the net, though i believe it was a reputable publication :-k :?

    personally i'd keep using it, though if the visor mechanism is busted that is a real pity :(

    i'm buying a new KBC VR1 tomorrow, i had a yellow one but got bored of yellow so i'm getting a blue one and a tinted visor :p ..i'm a spendaholic
  11. in my own personal opinion your helmet is fine. the outer shell is quite hard. in my understanding the outer shell does not compress. so unless its visibly cracked or you can feel the shell compromised the outer shell is fine. it is extremely durable.

    the outer shell is designed to hold the inner foam and also to protect against abrasions and punctures only. it does not save your head in an impact.

    what saves your head is the inner foam. the inner foam compresses when your head is in there, slowing it down in an impact. this is what saves you from brain damage/death....other than abrasion/puncture which the shell does.

    so if you drop an empty helmet, the foam has not compressed has it? and if the shell is fine then the helmet should be fine.

    this is my understanding from reading up on helmet function and is my opinion only.

    anybody who disagrees with me please feel free to post your views as i am also interested.

    ps. the only thing i can think of which may compromise the helmet is the join between foam and shell. that i cannot comment on
  12. The benefit of having more than one helmet is that you can rotate between them each day and give one a rest, letting it air and perhaps like shoes they may last a little longer.
  13. The outer shell will flex on impact and spring back, the shell will look pretty normal in shape, well, with a few scratches.

    If at the impact zone you can push on the shell and you can feel the shell flex then its a pot plant.
  14. Or maybe a plant pot. :)
  15. I saw your post before mine Vic, but it gave the obvious conclusion "if the foam is compressed then it's no good" but no explanation of why an empty helmet dropped a few feet would compress its foam.

    What I was looking for was what you said about the outer shell flexing, which I would have never guessed would happen from such a small impact. I would have guessed that if the outer shell can stand up to massive impact a 3 foot unweighted drop wouldn't bother it.

  16. You will suffer Clive, you do realise??????
  17. Or another addition to the Trophy room...
  18. *puts on helmet* :LOL:
  19. That'd be that 'good reason' HART tells you to put ur lid on the ground, not hanging off your bike. Sure, get's a little more roughed up, but my lid still looks alright after a year of doing it. Need a new one every couple of years anyway. :p
  20. ..or 6 months if you get bored of the colour and think of helmets as fashion accessories :p