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Dropped Helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by ametha elf, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Stupid me dropped my Shark RSI helmet onto a concrete floor the other day. It dropped about 2 feet and landed with a loud thud. I was told to always throw a helmet away if it drops, but we checked it out and it seems quite ok. I cant afford a new helmet right now, is there any way to know for sure if its still safe?

  2. The only way to know for sure is to x-ray it for cracks. Chances are highly unlikely that it's sustained any kind of damage that would be critical to it's performance. Helmets get dropped all of the time and go on to lead happy healthy lives and fulfill their destiny.

    Don't drop it anymore and definitely don't drop it with your head in it.
  3. Most of the protection offered by the helmet comes from the foam. It compresses in an accident, and slows and softens the deceleration of your head. As long as the foam inside has not compressed, your helmet is fine. The hard outside helps prevent intrusions into the helmet, so as long as there is no real visible damage, it is fine.
  4. What they said... Unless your head is in it when you drop it then the foam will be OK. If it's damaged from such a low drop then it's a crap helmet anyway.
  5. There was no "weight" inside the helmet to compress the foam against from the drop

    Your helmet was dropped from a small height

    Its most likely just bounced and made a noise - check for external cracks in the shell this is the only place it could have been weakened- the eps foam liner will be fine
  6. Personally, I'd replace it. My head's worth more to me than the value of a helmet. I'd rather have the peace of mind. Dropping it from 2 feet onto concrete isn't good, and it's the exact scenario that my licence instructor said "if in doubt, throw it out." That being said, it's better than no helmet...
  7. I'd be more inclined to follow your gut.
    How do you feel about your helmet ?

    Personally IMO a short drop onto concrete with no weight involved to deform the foam and no visible damage .... leave it as a lessen as to what not to sit your helmet on.
  8. Danny - if the helmet could not take this little mishap - how would it perform in a big mishap ( like the guy who was hit in the back of the head by another bikes front wheel at 170kmph)

    If there is damage to the helmet from this mall mishap - I would advise changing brands to something more sturdy
  9. Use of the old faithful search function will bring it's own rewards and the knowledge (as passed on dozens of times by our resident helmet guru [MENTION=30531]Takamii[/MENTION]) that a helmet minus a head, watermelon or bowling ball will not become a write off simply by falling from somewhere.

    Don't believe me? Check out Jay Leno and his pal (an Arai Helmets boss) in this video
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  10. Rubbish, the helmet does not get damaged from a small drop if there is no weight eg a head inside it.

    this theme has come up several times and it would pay to do a search people.
  11. The crash at around 6:32 in that video...gees his head took a pounding.
  12. Thats a very good informative video that dispels myths and fallacies - highly recomend we have it as a sticky link in the technical section
  13. +1 to being able to still use the helmet after a small mishap...or a few.

    I've dropped my old helmet plenty of times (AGV Stealth). Off the seat of my bike (multiple times), off a chair (twice, once on tiles once on concrete), off the handle bars (not sure how but once), off the dinner table (twice) and last of all, off the roof of my car. Even after all those drops onto pretty hard surfaces, it protected my head at PI going into turn 2 after flying into the air and landing square on my back banging the head 3 times on the bitumen as I rolled. Came out without any head injuries or a concussion...mind you this was going at about 80km/hr, I flew about 10m forward and 3m up.
  14. Good info. Sorry to all for spouting crap I'd been told by someone else who didn't know any better... 8-[
  15. apologies not needed we are all here to learn from one another and sort out myths from facts

    I personally would close down my business if my helmets could not take a minor mishap like this as I would have zero faith in my products and if i wont use them I sure as hell would not supply them to other people
  16. So I guess I shouldn't feel too bad about hitting the back of my helmet with the garage door.
  17. I do it all the time