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Dropped Cam adjuster into engine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by goody658, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    I have been a member on this site for ages now but this is my first post.
    I have a 86 gpz 250 which I have been riding for just over a year now it got me though my l's and P's.

    It started to develop a nasty cam rattle so I decided to put a new adjuster in.

    As I was taking the old one out the spring and the adjuster bit broke or dropped out of the casing and fell back into the engine](*,).

    I have a workshop manual but im not sure if i should be pulling it apart or just take it to a mechanic.

    I was just thinking of selling it cheap.

    Would it be a big job to fish it out?.
    Would it be worth taking it to a mechanic or just sell it as a project bike?.

    A mate said i could just put another engine in it as they haven't changed that much over the years.

    Has anyone else been in a similer situation?.
  2. Before you slash your wrists, get a small magnet and a piece of wire, attach magnet to wire and try to fish both parts out. I think both parts will be stuck between the cam chain and the timing case and not too far into the engine, don't think there's enough room for either to fall through.
    Worst case, the parts will have fallen through into the ignition rotor area at the crank and should be easily fished out by removing that cover. The cover is easy to remove and you'll need either a new gasket or some silicone to reinstall.
  3. They didn't change after '87, but there was a lot of changes between your model and the GPX that replaced it.

    Engine swap is doable, but complicated by the fact newer bikes have a different ignition system.

    Follow Typhoon's advice for chasing the stray part.
  4. Try dropping an access port panel down into the sump of a 12cyl diesel EMD and having to find it because every minute we arent working we are losing $800 :p.

    Took 20min but we fished it out with the method above :D.
  5. You can buy magnetic telescopic pickup tools from most? tool shops.. Anyone that works on engines should have one..
  6. Drain oil, remove battery, turn bike upside down and shake.
  7. you can buy a flexible stick with a magnet on the end for not much money at "repco"

    Also draining the oil may get in near the sump plug. Not sure if it will fit through however.
  8. Did you get it out yet.
  9. I'm used to hearing the opposite question.
  10. Hi Guys

    Thanks for the replies im going to get a magnet after work and try to fish it out.
  11. Hi Guys

    I went and got a magnetic bendy tool thingy from supercheap and after 30mins of no luck i decide to pull the clutch cover off.

    And there at the bottom was the offending parts. Woohoo.:dance:

    So big thanks to typhoon.

    How ever i found out why its sounds so rattly.

    The leaver were the cam adjuster sits on to push the pad against the chain has snapped off. :cry:

    Hopefully i can source on of those and try my luck at replacing it.

    Thanks again guys