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Dropped bikes- UTS carpark

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Donshe, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Just thought Id put a note up here in case any owners are reading.

    Was walking past the UTS bike parkign whilst between classes and saw 3 on their side, 2 old/cruiser style and one ZXR250 on L Plates.

    I picked up all 3 up and left notes for you guys. It seems like the one on the far left had a shit stand and was nearly vertical, any bump wouldve sent it over again.

    Also to the 750 Gixxer parked after the ZXR 250, you have some scratches on your lwoer fairings cos the ZXR was stuck under your bike. I had a friend lift the Gix straight and then I pulled the ZXR up.

    I hope this has given some info to the owners of the bikes if you came back ot find your mirrors on your seats :(

  2. Good on ya for doin' the right thing.
  3. respect man, thats respect right there... good on ya indeed for doing the right thing :)
  4. Good man u are :)
  5. any one here wouldve done the same :)

    what sucks is so many people just walked past them, had a laugh or whatever and kept on :S
  6. Two thumbs up to you sir! :applause:
  7. Whoa. I used to park there all the time. Hope those guys have insurance and the damage isn't too bad.
  8. woah, kudos!
    A heavy 1100 at my old work fell onto a parked car, stoopid bichumen had melted away, way too common. The camery that it had fallen on was pretty sad looking, same as the bike.

    Be careful where you park! My Hyosungs stand is way too long for what it needs, makes me paranoid everywhere I go :(
  9. Remind me not to park to close to hyos :)
  10. Haha, yeah well there you go. You can tell if you look at them from the front. I think I might even get a custom one put on.
  11. funny thing is ive actually parked next to the bike on the fa left before...i know where not to park from now on lol
  12. good on ya mate, thsats deff the right thing to do.

    lucky the owners didnt all come out and see oyu they would of tohught you knocked em over :p
  13. Spewin, I park the NSR there sometimes. Not the new one with under 10kkms, mine's got 31. My exhaust is shinier though :LOL:
  14. Good on ya dude for picking them up, I'd be sketching about owners coming and blaming you for knocking them over.

    Some biatch backed over my bike last week while I'd leant it to a mate, I'm hoping she doesn't shaft me as I'm yet to get insurance.