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Dropped bike !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hph, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Found my new bike on its side at the basement carpark after work. Front brake lever is broken as well as a small crack on the middle fairing. :mad: so ended up catching the train home. Now, I've no previous knowledge of replacing brake levers, how hard is it to replace since Action has one in stock as I 'm hesistant to ride it home without it being fixed ?? :cry: ..

  2. HTFU - Just ride it mate

    PS: sorry bout the damage on bike. Any ideas on how it would've ended up like that? Cameras etc?
  3. Easy to replace brake levers - just remove locating bolt, remove old lever and insert new one. That's how my last 2 Suzukis have had theirs replaced after dropping them in the garage!!
  4. Lever's are dead simple to replace, I managed it without any hassles, and I am as close to mechanically inept as you can get.

    Have a try, if you get it right it's another trick you know, if you can't get it, well, it needs to be repaired anyway so there's no damage done.
  5. spring

    The broken lever has a small removable spring still attached to it. I havent had time to check out whether the locating bolt was still there as I was in a bit of rush to get home. It seems to have snapped off cleanly enough
  6. As long as your brake fluid reservoir is OK. I damaged the banjo bolt and air got into the system when I dropped my bike.
  7. Sorry to hear mate..
    only thing worse than dropping your bike, is NOT doing it yourself :cry:
  8. ...and I'd recommend *not* following the advice to ride it with no front brakes. It's a 5 minute job to change over the lever where it is.
  9. that sux that somebody else has knocked over the bike and damaged it , as for snapping the front lever, if it was me i would of just ridden it home on the rear brake (have and done) just means you have to be a lot more carefully.
  10. where abouts are you, you never know if some helpfull soul will come help you if you really aren't that sure. But, it is a rather simple job. Save yourself a beer/coffee/dollars... do it your self. Its a great feeling when you fix something yourself.
  11. That bloody sucks mate. Some gutless, selfish wanker has probably hit your bike reversing out and just done a runner and not left a note. As mentioned before, any cameras in the cark park that might have caught the indicent on tape?
  12. That blows. Thats prob my biggest worry with the bike... leaving work to find it on its side.
    Howd you go replacing the lever?
  13. damn poor bloke! hopefully it doesnt set you back too much hassle
  14. got it home

    Manage to rode it home using rear brake only last nite. Damage so far is a broken brake lever, crack fairing where the indicator connects to, a damaged seat cowl don't know how :?. It could have been worse i guess :( and I only had it for about 4 weeks !
  15. gutless bastards, what can you say. the bright side is you get to learn a bit about your bike by fixing it up. the bolt on stuff isnt that hard so give it a go. if you dont have a workshop book look online or ask on here and im sure it will be sorted.
    good luck with finding the criminal who did it and handing them a bill with a copy of the CCTV footage. yeah CSI style.
  16. Brake lock up !!

    Replaced the broken lever with an aftermarket one from mcas last nite. I was assured it was a fit even though it had a gsxt50 sticker on it. :?

    It was all fine when I rode it to work this morning but the front brake locked up when I was on my way home this afternoon nearly causing me to lowside :shock: . and ended up having to remove the lever in order to get home .

    Was this a case of not fitting the lever properly or something else ?