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Dropped bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BubblyJoe, May 17, 2009.

  1. Got my bike a week ago (08 kawasaki 250r ninja) and on the Saturday I took my first ride. It mainly consisted of riding around a carpark for 35 minutes. Next day I took a ride around the carpark again to get a bit more used to the bike. After a bit of riding around the carpark I got bored so I decided to ride up a hilly road near my place. I successfully went up the road and decided to go back to my place and call it a day. While going downhill and turning left into a different street I got the sudden feeling that I was going a bit too fast into the turn. I also quickly noticed a portion of the sidewalk was a bit curved outward. That caused me to fixate onto the sidewalk and I crashed into it. Luckily I landed on grass and didn't get injured. Scratched up the fairings (right hand side), bent the rear brake (bent it back), snapped off the right indicator and broke the metal plate that you press your feet up against. Felt really stupid, but I've learnt that I should of slowed down before going into that turn and to NOT fixate on objects while going into a turn.

  2. Welcome to NetRider, Welcome to riding and being a noob :)

    Stay safe and take it easy out there.
  3. Welcome to another Wollongong-er :LOL:

    yep you got it in one; if you stay looking at an object for too long, you will run into it. You need to practice observing and registering something mentally, and then LOOKING AWAY FROM IT to the next object that needs your attention. It's counter-intuitive, but it works.

    keep practising, it'll come good, I promise

    in the mean time, join the huge tribe of riders who've done exactly the same thing :LOL:.
  4. maybe mr preacher (hornet)(paul) :grin: can take you out for a bit of 1 on 1, youll have to read a few passages in the bible before you start riding :)
  5. more than happy, no strings attached :).

    actually, I don't find being a Christian makes any difference to my riding at all, except that when I yell out "Oh God" when I've overcooked a corner, I have some confidence that someone IS actually listening :rofl:.
  6. ive seen many riders cross themselves before they put it in 1st gear
  7. that only helps if you can ride anyway :rofl:
  8. i found keeping your head up helps avoid fixating on things close to you
  9. eyes up!!!
  10. Ahhhh, so if I stare at some sheilas* norks long enough..................................oh, uh, never mind ;)

    *thanks loz
  11. Oh man that sucks! I've only just started riding too - so scared I'm going to go over too and damage my new baby!
  12. You are'nt the first and certainly not the last to fall victim to such things...but Ermm..you must ask yourself - "why was I staring at the sidewalk!!?"...
    Seriously think about it...

    And then break that tendency, otherwise you might miss that Mack truck that's about to cream you, because you were busy staring at something far less relavant... eeek!

  13. I got my learner licence and an FZR250 4 years ago. I crashed it four years ago too. I recently got my licence and a bike again. Being 25 years old now, plus reading through this forum has given me the ability to see, and therefore NOT repeat all of the mistakes and bad habits I had 4 years ago (I had heaps!)

    Target fixation was definitely one of them. The first time I experienced it was turning slightly left, fixating on the coppers logs on the other side of the road (and thinking, I'm going to fast for my current turning ability, I'm gonna hit those coppers logs!) and I managed somehow to counter steer in between two of them! Narrowly escaping! ...Stupid stupid stupid.

    Now I have learnt to look up, and look past all the immediate stuff. I use my peripherals for all the immediate/close stuff (Eg: The white lines either side of my lane to work out where in the lane I am). It was a little hard to do as it seemed a little, unatural. Or rather, I instinctually want to look at the immediate stuff. However it's only a little difficult, and doesn't take long before you train yourself out of it.

    Hope that helps!
  14. Here's how an atheist rides and reacts.

    "Oh secularism that was close!!"

    "E=MC2 This!!!"

    "Oh my non-existant deity I almost crashed!"

    "I saw the nothing at the end of the tunnel"

    "Oh glorious spaghetti monster, please let there be parking!"
  15. Thanks for the comments guys. If its not a bother I'll take you up on that offer hornet.
  16. Having someone mentor you is a fantastic thing , :grin:

    I put my hand up to be mentored cause I knew I juz
    didn't have the knowledge about bikes to learn on my own. :oops:

    Hawklord was brave enuff to help me out , push (persuade,convince)
    me into riding more , heading down to the carpark sounds boring ,
    and can be , but it's the best practice you can get without getting out
    amongst the traffic . 8-[

    After only having approx 150 kms riding experience
    ( all local and car park)
    I went on my very first ride to Daylesford with the netrider crew yesterday, :eek:hno:
    I was the tailender in the first stretch but picked up a little
    from then and moved up to about 6th from the back LOL ,
    So NOW i have a total of about 450kms riding experience
    and thousands more to come ,
    Again thanks Matt for sticking with the slowpokes , :grin:
    Doug and Tony for all ur mentoring :)
    and everyone else who perservered (reluctantly) with us fresh newbies ... :cheeky:
  17. LMFAO. I still can't get over the whole pastor on a motorbike thing :D

    While I'm not religious, I was bought up Anglican, and later on United. One of my dads friends was Catholic and used to be in the Navy. He would swear like a sailor of course, he would go into church every Sunday arvo, even when on holiday he'd fins a local church, but apparently Sunday morning confession was always a bit "interesting", as he and some other Catholic friends of his would say XD