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Dropped bike - won't shift into 2nd!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by DanielN, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. So... Day 5 of riding and I dropped my bike (Ninja 300) :(

    Coming to a stop leaving Coles car park, not sure what happened but just lost it and went over slowly onto left side.

    Picked it back up and the shifter was bent so couldn't put it into neutral, bent it back a bit by hand to the point I could get it into neutral and down into 1st, started fine so rode home in 1st (live 1 minute from Coles).

    So now it will go between 1st-neutral okay but not above there... Any tips?? Anything I can do before calling mechanic?

    Was looking forward to a weekend of riding too :(

  2. Photo back at home, after bending back by hand

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  3. Also - I haven't tried shifting into 2nd while moving, only tried while parked in my garage (with clutch in of course). Maybe that's why I can't get it into 2nd?

    Not home now will have to try when I get home tonight.
  4. From the pic it looks like the shifter peg is fouling the shift rod.Easy fix take it off and straighten its steel not alloy so it wont snap.

    Oh and stay away from coles carparks!
  5. That bikes cactus mate, I'll give u $500 for it
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  6. Ah, the early memories to take the bike for a 1 minute rides...
    Seriuously, could be because of being stationary. Start the engine, release the clutch a little bit few times. May be move the bike forward a little bit.
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  7. bend the shifter back.

    It's not uncommon for bikes to be reluctant to shift into a gear when statinary and off. Hold it against second and roll the bike forward. It should pop into gear.
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  8. Minjas won't shift into second while stopped, it's designed that way.
  9. Yeah ride up your drive and attempt the change.
  10. A perfect excuse to discuss the merits of the FBH
  11. Yeah they wont go into 2nd if stationary. Its a feature to help noobs in being able to find neutral apparently
  12. Yeah it looks like its hitting the adjuster rod, bend that sucker a bit more.
  13. wont shift into second when stationery, its a ninja trait, both my 250 and 300 did this, its to make it easier to find neutral whilst stationery in traffic. Your bike is fine mate :)
  14. Ahh yes the positive neutral finder.
  15. Thanks for the tips guys, looks like I was panicking for nothing - took it for a trip around the block and it shifts perfectly!
    Still not bent straight back so boot had trouble getting a good grip on the shifter but might take it off the bike to straighten it tomorrow. Too hard to do on the bike. But just happy the transmission isn't broken :)
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  16. FBH?
  17. Also - now in the market for frame sliders/knobs whatever they are called... Any recommendations in this area?
  18. Fcuking Big Hammer, c'mon Daniel san - shape up ;)

    Can't help on the slider/knobs call mate for that model - there's plenty out there for the ninja though.

    Does the bike change gear okay now? All good?
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  19. Oggy knobs or so I hear....
  20. Haha thanks... But yes the gears change fine :)

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