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dropped bike wont idle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by miser, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Trying to reverse my bike back into the shed the other day, I lost my balance and gently laid the bike down on it's side. I picked it up immediately, no damage and put it away. A couple of days later I decide to go for a ride and end up draining the battery trying to start it. So I put the battery on charge overnight and the next day try again and it starts right up. It runs really rough and I need to keep the throttle open or else it stalls. When it does stall it then refuses to restart unless I let it sit for a while (flooded? too rich maybe?). When I restart it again later the same thing, I hold the throttle open for a few minutes until everything is warm. If the revs drop and I try to build them up again it doesn't build quickly like it should it just gradually coughs and chugs back up there. When I let go of the throttle it stalls and wont start for a while again. I tried a search and found that this problem is usually solved by just letting the bike sit for a while but not in this case. Any ideas what I should try next?

  2. Give the carbies a tap with the handle of a screwdriver.

    The needle and seat might be a bit mis-aligned and flooding the engine.

    It's worth a try.
  3. Here is where I'm at. I gave that a try, not sure exactly where to tap so I just belted it all over. No luck. I also read on here somewhere about switching off the fuel and cranking it over with throttle wide open to drain all the fuel out of the carby. My fuel tap only has ON and RES so I used some locking pliers on the line to stop the fuel. The bike started and I held it between 3000 - 4000 rpm until it started chugging. Then I released the pliers and held the revs for a little bit and it died again. Of course it would not restart either.

    I got even bigger problems now because I tried to do the same thing a bit later. The bike started ok but I put the pliers on to tight and cut into the line. Luckily I didn't have the tank bolted on so I grabbed it and tried to direct most of the fuel into a nearby jerry can. Now myself and the shed reek of petrol.
  4. Had the same issue when I dropped mine.
    When I say the same prob, I mean exactly the same.
    Had to ride home at like 30 kms/h hour because if i gave it any more throttle it would just die in the arse and stall.

    Took forever to get started initially and then ran like a dog.
    I removed the tank to get at the carbies and there are little screws on them which you can wind out which will effectively drain the carbies.
    Once I did that , I let it sit over night and everything was fine.
    Found one side released a lot more fuel than the other side.

    Guess maybe trying this will have to wait for later as sounds like u need a new fuel line anyway.

    Good luck.
  5. I wound out the bolts on the carbies and drained all the fuel out last night. Then this morning fitted new fuel line to try again.
    First I started cranking without any choke or throttle for a few seconds then I opened the choke almost all the way and she started right up and sounded healthy. Then I pushed the choke in just enough to let it sit at 1500 rpm (almost fully closed). It sat there quiet happily for about a minute then I simultaneously opened the throttle and closed the choke. It was very responsive and felt like its old self again. Held it for a bit then gradually started to close the throttle to see if it would idle, but as soon as I got to about 1500 it started sounding like it was going to die. So I quickly built the revs up (still responsive and healthy) and maintained about 2000-3000rpm for about 5 minutes till everything was nice and warm, I even put it in gear and had the wheel spinning in the air for a while. Then when trying to idle it conks out and wont restart until I hold the throttle wide open, but instead of starting and revving straight to redline it just chugs and splutters and gradually makes it up there. It's running really rough again so I let it die and try to restart but it wont, all I'm getting is really loud cracking noises from the exhaust. Thanks for all your help so far, I think I'm getting close to fixing this. Bit dissapointed a whole weekend of riding has been wasted though.
  6. miser what bike is this ?

    also have you removed sparks when it stalls to see if they are wet or dry?

    im no mechanic but sounds like a fuel delivery issue maybe try to bypass the fuel tap by hooking a tank directly to the carb bank.

    hows the air filter look like?

    good luck
  7. Sorry, I've written so much I forgot to say what bike it is. It's an 81 GSX250.

    I tried to remove the spark plugs but I didn't have a socket that fits. It's not a 13/16 or 5/8. I'll see if I can find something for it tomorrow.

    I'm pretty sure the fuel is flowing ok, as I found out when I split open the line. I will try this anyway to be sure and eliminate the possibility.

    The air filter just looks like a piece of foam that someone put in there. Not sure if it's the correct filter or not, looks pretty clean though. I've ridden the bike with it before aswell as with no air filter with no problems.
  8. I had one of these bikes once.

    I parked it a TAFE and went to a class. When I got out it was pissing down and had similar symptons to above.

    couldn't ride it under any load. I ended up riding home in second gear in the pissing down rain.

    When I got home and was having a shower it struck me. When I went into tech, I put a plastic bage over the seat to keep it dry, because it looked like it was going to rain. When I go out and it was still raining I left the bag on, because it was going to be wet all the way home and the seat used to absorb water.

    The problem was the bag was being sucked into the air intake! It was only clearing at certain pressures.

    So the moral of the story is, check your air intake and airbox is good after the fall.

    I don't think it is this, however. It reads very much like a stuck neddle jet. You may have to pull the carbies off and remove the bowls to get everything back right. It's a good oportunity to clean the bowls and set the float height.

    BTW the plug size may be 18mm. PIA bike thing and the spanners are not easy to find.
  9. Hah, I bet you felt like a jackass when you realised about the plastic bag after you rode slowly all the way home in the rain. Yeah, everyone I talk seems to indicated that it's needle problem too. I'll take it somewhere to get fixed eventually. It got so frustrating, I ended up just buying another bike. Picked up a CB250 on tuesday just so I could have something relaible to learn on. Can I just take the carburettors off the bike and take them somewhere to be fixed or will they need the whole bike to tune and what not?
  10. It's a pretty easy job to pull the carbies off.

    You can take the float bowls off yourself and give everything a clean with carby cleaner. Set the float levels and put it back together.

    If you just do the floats and don't pull anything else apart you shouldn't have to worry about doing a sync.

    If you need to know the float level for this thing let me know.