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Dropped bike with audience

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FAITH, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. I have just returned to riding after a 10 year gap and this weekend hired the FZ6. I thought I had refreshed enough through one on one lessons over the last few weekends. The 10 year gap in my riding was largely due to my very nervous husband who just did not like the thought of me riding - so imagine my bloody horror when I drop the bike right in front of him whilst turning into our driveway :( . Not done my confidence a lot of good (not too mention my wallet as I scratched up the paint work).

    I have realised that despite that fact my license says I am a fully fledged rider I am back on my P's. Spent today in a deserted industrial area practising basics with my husband following at safe distance in his car! Definitely not the best start, still these humiliation make us stronger right?
  2. .. not to mention providing abundant fodder for much ribbing later on :LOL:.
  3. ribbing ...I can take! After all the definintion of humour is something that happens to someone else... it's the look of fear on my hubby's face when he looks at the bike that I can't seem to dislodge. :roll:
  4. I had a stack (VERY low speed) on a bike with my wife once on holidays in Thailand years ago so when I said to her last year that I was getting my bike licence she just assumed that I would be a danger to myself and others.
    Every time I go for a ride she looks at me like I might not come back.
    It's not easy, I understand how you feel. But it is worth it. Riding has been the most fun I've had in years and it's given me heaps of confidence to learn how to do it safely.
    Good luck with the re-learning.
  5. Nice, you just gave him plenty of fuel for the fire :LOL: Dont worry, you will get back to it, just keep up the practice, you be back to removing the chicken strips very soon :wink:
  6. Hey Faith, don't let it faze you.

    Last Friday I did a similar thing at work and in front of a couple of work mates. (and as you can expect everyone found out...)

    As I was doing a feet up turn into the carpark I tapped the rear brake. The bike, a Honda Blackbird has a combined brake system that when you tap the rear the front also operates. Well, it did in this case and as I was turning, it overbalanced the bike. I was not able to stop it slowly lying down.

    Thankfully only the ego was bruised. Bike has a slight scuff mark on the right mirror.

    It's also the first time that I've dropped this bike. The last time I dropped a bike I wasn't even ON it. I wheeled it into the garage, flicked the side stand down and leaned it over. However, said sidestand wasn't all the way down. Again, the bike did the slow, lie down thing. No damage, just a PITA to lift back up again by myself. Getting old and bikes aren't getting any lighter (well, for me they ain't...)
  7. A couple of weeks ago I was in the audience and it was entertaining. The lights changed and his bike (Virago if I recall) moved a couple of feet, slowly, because traffic was backed up and barely crawling along... and then for no apparent reason just hit the deck! I think the rider used the brake and lost the balance at near-stop speed.
    I was watching it all from across the median strip, ready to help if needed, but the rider (I think it was a she, but I can't be sure) yanked the bike up and was back on it in a flash... amazing what a bit of adrenaline can do :)
  8. Convince your hubby to get a bike and you can learn (in your case re-learn) to ride together. He'll have a much better understanding and appreciation for riding that way.

    Plus there is nothing better than getting lost together :wink:
  9. My God, I hope that things don't happen in threes.

    Six days after my dropping the bike for the first time, I crashed it for real. I call it a crash because I was mobile when the fall occured a car was involved.

    I was turning into my driveway, a right turn, when suddenly a car that was parked in front of my place took off. (Driveway between me and the car).

    I slammed on the brakes, but the front tyre, a Pilot Road, locked up and the front end slid out on me. This time, however, the front brake lever was curled up, some scratches on the right fairing and that extended bolt thing that hangs off the footpeg (I have no idea as to its purpose) snapped off.

    The woman pulled up beside me.

    "Are you OK?"
    "Yes. But had you indicated before pulling out in front of me this wouldn't have happened."

    (It didn't occur to me at the time that being parked she has to give way to all traffic before moving off - something that I need to verify via the road rules)

    Then she departed.

    Thing is, given that we didn't collide there's no way to apportion blame. Of course, had we hit I may not be sitting here typing this, and contemplating a possible ride up to Merimbula tomorrow.

    Lessons learned:

    When making turns such as this, look for parked cars as well as moving vehicles that may be potential hazards.

    Try to straighten up when applying emergency braking, IF you have the time and the presence of mind.

    Run decent tyres, particuarly on the front. Tyres that have longevity can be false economy. A pair of Pilot Powers will be going on this bike soon.

    this is the first proper prang that I've had since 1982. Hopefully it will also be the last, hence my fear about things happening in threes.