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Dropped bike - odd way

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mattatnoosa, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I dropped my bike today,

    What happened was i left the bike on at work - battery died, we jump started it, i got it home fine.

    Tonight however i jump started it, took 2-3 goes (fuel was low, but there was enough) and finally got it going, it was almost dieing when ideling, so max throtle it was just puttering along, got to 2nd gear. tapped the foot brake, and the throtle jumped. then went to brake, put my foot on the brake, the bike launched forward. shot me off, and skidded across the ground. why did that happen??!!
  2. Should have jump started in 3rd! Pull the clutch in as soon as it starts.
    1st & 2nd are just too low geared & just a minor movement of the throttle at slow speed will jerk the bike forward.
  3. D'ya think hand brake might have been a better idea? Serious question, but I find the foot brake a bit touchy sometimes.
  4. Sounds like it started but was spluttering. At that time you should have used your clutch and worked at getting engine running correctly first.
    It sounds like you were in gear, the engine caught and you were'nt ready for it. Bike took off and you could'nt control it.

    Practice and using the clutch will fix it.

    The real trouble is you failing to charge the battery, so you did'nt have to jump start it.
  5. surely you mean front brake & back brake 8-[