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Dropped bike now low rev and low oil light

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by TAX123, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Was cleaning my bike in my garage yesterday as i pushed it forward the side stand went up a bit so when i lent it over the stand flicked up and the bike fell on its side, picked it up about 30 seconds after. when i went to start it about 5 minutes later its revs were very low around 1000rpm normal is around 2k+ then it started to make more than usual chain noise, i then put it on an angle oposite to where it fell and the noise went away, but revs were still low and then the oil light came on, so i switched it off. Checked the oil guage and it looks as if there is enough in the view hole, but is the view hole correct or did the oil run into the generator but showing ok level in the view hole?
    \ anyone with a similar thing happed and whats the fix?

  2. If nothing spilled out of the bike when it fell, then chances are its fine. It may have oil/fuel in the cylinders depending what type of engine so initial startup will be rough.

    The oil light is probably just due to the low rpm it was idling at, and there wasnt enough oil pressure to turn the light off.
    Mine often showed an oil light too below 1000rpm even if it was still full, revved it up again and started moving and all was good.

    I would suggest bring it up to a few thousand rpm a couple times and see if it goes back to normal, perhaps even a gentle ride around the block.

    If symptoms persist however, see a doctor (mechanic ;) )
  3. Some bikes will flood their air filter with oil if they go over, which might restrict the air flow enough to drop your idle (enough for oil light to come on). Might be worth pulling the tank off and having a look.
  4. Would probably be easier for someone to help if you let us know what sort of bike it is.
  5. thanks for replies

    when i said 2000k plus i was talking about with the choke on, as the bike was cold when it fell, but when choke was set to max the rpm stayed at 1k when took choke off or reved it the thing just died, anyways got it started yesterday and did run ruff for a while, didnt ride it yet, may take tank off and look at air filter carbs, maybe fuel dropped out of the carbs, bike is a yzf600
    dont want to flush out oil as i did an oil change about a month ago and still clean oil. BTW hate taking the tank off to look at the filter, head ache, disconnect hoses turn of hidden tap etc etc done it a million times before and becomming sick of it. Anyway may still do it if keeps running ruff. As for the chain noise getting louder, i tried to pull off the tensioner but the boltd were so tight ws scsrred of stripping the nuts and then never getting it off, so i gave up wd 40 did nothing any ideas?
  6. So its a carburetor bike?