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Dropped bike, leaking oil or fuel?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by imsleepy, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. hi everyone, i haven't had a post for a while, i got my bike a couple of weeks ago and haven't stopped riding since. i absolutely love it, anyway, this is what happened, yesturday i dropped my bike on brike pavement, trying to put the side stand up with my left foot and my right foot slipped, luckily i didn't brake any bones and my friend was there to help me put the bike up. when the bike was up, there was a puddle of petrol on the ground, then not being able to see any leaks, i decided it was time to see if it starts, and to my suprise, i did, i thought...sweet, nothing happened, there was also alot of smoke coming out of the muffler as well, when i say alot, i mean alot, like a stuffed up van, but i thought nothing of it because my bike is usually smokey when i first start it, than when i went home, i see a whole heap of oil on my muffler which looked like it came from a broken hose under the bike, there are 3 hoses coming out under the bike, one smelt like a fuel line but i don't know what the other 2 are or where all 3 connect to. if i have a broken oil line or fuel line, how would i be able to get home from my mates house, it was a good 12-15km ride and the bike felt normal. i am open to opinions, im a noob so i am also open to critizism. what should i do, if i was able to ride it home, should i ride it to a mechanic, or tow it, i face the new year without a bike and it hurts. sorry for the essay hahaha

  2. what kind of bike have you got?

    when you say it looks like a broken hose, so u mean it doesn't lead anywhere, just pointing to the ground, or the hose has a crack?
    it could be the overflow hose for the fuel and oil that yoiu were looking at, and when the bike went over, some of the fuilds got into the overflow.

    btw I'm a bit of a noob too so I'll let the experts explain it properly.
  3. what type/model of bike is it, let us know and we will work through troubleshooting with ya! :)
  4. G'day everyone.............

    Sounds like when the bike was on its side some oil went into the crank case venterlation line...........
    That would then get sucked into the intake and make the bike smoke untill the access has been burned off.

    Just clean the engine off to get rid of any spillage on the outside,.........
    and monitor your oil level over the next few rides to see if there is any major change in level.
    You will notice any major leaks if there was any.

    Dr Who?
  5. 2-stroke?
  6. hi guys, thanks for the reply
    the hoses 3 hoses are pointing to the ground looking like they don't lead anywhere, i've got an aprilia rs250...so 2 stroke, hehehe, btw, are 2 stroke bike supposed to have smoke coming out of the muffler? cause i've been told it is normal, would a small drop like that cause such damage?
  7. short answers,

    yes, yes, and yes.

    if it continues to leak, take it to the mechanic.
    those 3 hoses are overflows...
    sometimes the float, needle etc. can get stuck causing fuel to continuously seep in to the crank case.
  8. What has probably happened is when the bike was on it's side, you've had oil leak up through the crankcase vent system and past the piston rings.
    The three hoses sound like carb bowl vents, battery vents and fuel tank vents. Some leakage from all three would be expected after bike being on it's side. Teh oil from the muffler is also to be expected, it would have been spat out the exhaust as part of the combustion process if you had excess oil leaking around from the drop.
    I would check all fluids including battery, and just ride it.
    Bikes are designed to be on their sides, it is inevitable.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I have never seen a twostroke with oil in the crankcase....well one that doesnt have a leaking gearbox oil seal anyway.....in short twostrokes dont have oil to lubricate the big end bearing...they use the oil thats injected into the intake for that...so there is no such thing as "oil leaking past rings"
  10. I will also add that there is most likely nothing wrong with the bike....when its fallen over whats happened is fuel has spilt up through the emulsion tube into the intake and its got a belly full of fuel and possiblly saturated the air filter/airbox causing a rich mixture...the fuel that came out the tubes on the bottom would have been from the overflow in the carb bowl....its there incase the needle and seat leaks it spills the unneeded fuel out onto the ground instead of filling up the crankcase full of fuel....one of my friends had a super cart with an RM80 engine in it and he had an electric fuel pump on it..he let it sit for 10 mins once with the fuel pupm still on by accident and when he push started it,it fired and blew the whole cylinder off the crankcase....what had happened is the pump pressure had over come the strength of the float/needle and seat and it filled the case completely with fuel....it hydraulic locked and fired and blew the arse out of the engine.....so the moral is ....check it turns over slowly first before trying to start it just incase!
  11. Ahh, I missed the two stroke bike part. Wish people would tell the WHOLE story in the first post when asking for mechanical advice, would stop a lot of wasted time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. thats for the reply guys, i took it for a spin today, no dramas, looks like its all good but there is still heaps of smoke coming out of the muffler everytime i take off, but that might go away in time. thanks for all the help, i will update you guys on bike
  13. hi again,
    i've found out what all the oil on the muffler was, it was the brake fluid, my brake fluid is at 1cm about MIN, usually max would be 3cmz i think. well, should i be worried? my braking seems fine atm.