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Dropped bike....grrrrrrr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. And don't i feel like a goose.

    Was during a complicated set of twisties that i over commited for the corner, and promptly lowsided into the dirt.

    open spece in my back yard, lent over about 10 degrees, damp grass and i dropped it at about 2 km/hr

    Damage: bent gear lever. Other damage was saved by using my leg as a soflanding spot :evil:

    sore ankle and wrist so hope the trip to GP goes ok.
  2. :shock: you look after that leg, Drew!!!!
  3. yeah wasn't a nice feeling.... was glad i had decent boots... anything less would have given me a fracture i think...i could feel it in the ankle.
  4. blahahahaha.....oh sorry drew glad to hear it was only very minor....and from the sound of it te best drop you could hope to have :)

    Hope your not to sore for the gp......oh and welcome to riding bikes :wink:
  5. Translation : Was trying to open a complicated packet of Twisties, and i over commited myself to biting off the corner of the packet and ended up falling into the dirt. :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Honk Honk!

    You are a goose! lol

    Glad the leg survived the incident. Phew.
  7. appears i have also bent the footpeg. noticed today on the way to work.. guess i'll try and fix it at lunch.
  8. hahaha :LOL: :LOL: well put
  9. That doesn't count :grin:

    Bandage your wrist and ankle for support and so it doesn't swell. Apply ice if needed, raise above heart level when you can.

    Which wrist/ankle? Clutchless changes/Full trip in 2nd gear? :p

    See you at the GP! (and I don't mean your Dr :LOL: )
  10. It's a VT250, that'd be a very long trip!

    Glad you survived Drew. :wink:
  11. I got a knee dent in the side of my new hornet 9 tank when the stupid side stand decided at the most critical time to fold up while I was dismounting in a bunnings carpark today.

    not........... happy............. jan :evil:
  12. It's all good Drew. I've got a big hammer and lots of bourbon for when you rock up here later.. :wink: :LOL:
  13. I would consider it good it was only the gear lever. When I dropped my bike the whole front fairing got smashed when I accidentally dropped it in the garage.
  14. Post of the week!!

    Pinkxie... ankle is sore....not swollen...luckily..twinges occaisionally but gear shifts are fine
  15. Be careful if you try and straighten the peg/lever Drew... aluminium isn't like mild steel... it might end up snapping.

    It has an annoying tendency to bend fine one way and snap when trying to be bent back.
  16. Yeah i know....have seen it 1st hand in other applications.

    it's not unbearable...will look at it after the GP if it looks "iffy"....like when i've got a spare one on hand :)