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Dropped bike for the first time. Two times in a day.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. I am riding for a week now and dropped bike for the first time, two times in a day. duh. Must be my unlucky day. Was feeling sleepy.

    First I was coming from driveway to backyard road, engine off, in neutral. Accidentally pressed and switched into first gear. Bike stopped and fell to right side. Surprisingly only few small scratches on mirror & exhaust. visible only close up.

    The cruiser has very low centre of gravity and it don't fall completely to the side. I was able to pick up bike fairly easily.
    This was surprising because it's 100Kg heavier than VTR250. When I did my L on VTR250 and dropped it, couldn't lift at all.

    Second time I stalled starting up and fell on left side. No scratches, but bent heel gear (up) change lever. Could go home in 1st gear only :)

  2. Oh well...at least you evened it up with a drop each side.

    Is that trying too hard to see the good in a situation?
  3. don't feel too bad, I have a mate who recently picked up his new blue R1, so sexy it is!
    Day 2 he stops in traffic next to a car, puts his foot in a hole an over she goes, helmet hitting car :oops:
    2 weeks later coming out his driveway, foot in gutter, over she goes... :oops:
  4. Clumsy people???

    Don’t want to see people getting killed due to these things, maybe try a 3 wheeler bike next time
  5. Because 3 wheelers have a great safety record! :LOL:

    Volvo's for the lot of ya! :p
  6. I've drop my bike twice the last year, and I've been riding for 20years!!
    Sh1t happens, especially in two wheels. Fit oggy knobs or "forget about it"! :LOL:
  7. This friend in burwood by any chance? :?
  8. Big deal. Just be thankful taht you didnt hurt urself. its only a peice of machinery at the end of the day and can be repaired. Im picking up my bike today and Im sure it will cop a few knocks here and there. As long as u learn from it its ok.
  9. Just adds a bit of character to your bike.
    Mine has heaps of character.
  10. HAHAHA, what if you like your bike bland!
  11. Might want to avoid riding when sleepy.

    Just makes things that much harder espcially with big scary cars trying to hurt people.
  12. It happens

    Hey don't worry about it, I dropped my bike today for the first time, swore, and picked it up again. Life goes on. But NOW I'm worried about putting my foot in a hole, that sounds like the kind of story i'd be telling my friends about in hospital.

    - Cam.
  13. Does dropping the bike really do large amounts of damage..
    dont really have any experience as of yet..
  14. yeah, small world :) , I hear 3rd time unlucky for him too (last week), he's trading down to a CBR600.

    (Cleatus)Damage can vary on different bikes, I lost my GS1150 down a dirt road on day, sfa damage beyond a scrape on the crashbars - then, not 3 hours later somewhere else when hopping back on it falls away from me and crashes to the pavement:shock:
    nothing at all got damaged...

    I did hear, however, when a 1400GTR falls off the sidestand it could cause a few thousand $.... I best be a bit careful on this one :LOL:
  15. mate im 17 by the time ive got one of them hopefully ill be able to afford any damage my dumb ass can dish to it.. lol
  16. It depends on:

    -type of bike, style, weight
    -is it "naked" or not
    -does it have crash bars
    -and how "high" it was droppped

    You can always be sure to have some scratches
    Second degree is your brake/cluch lever broke off, mirrors.
    Third degree is to have something more serious like gas tank dented, fairings broken etc .
  17. Had my VTR250 for 2 weeks now. Moving from front yard to back yard along the tight twisty path. Lost a bit of balance, put my foot down, but the ground was about 100mm lower at that point and it threw me off balance. Managed to get out of the way so didn't squash my leg. Bike landed on the grass, thought all was ok. But the gear lever hit a sleeper in the garden bed and bent right up. Managed to pick up the bike (surprised myself) and hammer the lever back to shape. Very upset but all seems ok!
  18. jeez by the sounds of things yu gotta be extra careful...
  19. When I picked up my new bike last week I saw a young guy take a brand new GSX-R for a test ride. One of the sales staff went with him & took off 25 metres up the street to wait for him. He turned around just in time to see this young guy stick the throttle, fall off the bike and watch the bike plough into 3 others (including a really nice B King) sitting in front of the shop ...... ouch !!! :eek:
  20. Damm... You win the bike dropping experience stories!!!

    Mine was only a couple of days ago. First time on Sunday, didn't kick the stand out properly so down went the bike... surprisingly the only damage was to the handle bar on the left side, just a couple of scratches. The second time was way worse. It happened in the garage while cleaning the bike. I tried to move it a few metres so didn't bother with kicking up the stand, when I went to put it down the stand had come away from the fully extended position. The bike fell taking me down with it, I fell with the bike hitting the car on the way down with my shoulder and the clutch lever and handle bar. The aftermath - huge shoulder sized dent on the drivers door of the car, deep scratches and dents where the handle bar hit (also the drivers door), small dent on the previouly flawless bike tank and a very bruised calve muscle from the weight of the bike. I guess I'm lucky the bike is only 160kg and not a heavy/bigger bike.

    For a big slap in the face - I just paid $500.00 for paintless dent removal on the car a couple of weeks ago. Looks like I'll be calling the guy again, hope he does bikes too!!