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dropped bike...embarressed or angry?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by imsleepy, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. hi everyone

    how do i start this?
    i don't know whether to call this an embarressing momment in my life or the angriest momment in my life.

    as melbourne people would know it. its 36 degrees today, im as hot as a bbq, i heading to work and coming to a red light, im stopping as normal, where i put my foot down, this is where it all stuffs up. i put my foot down and my foot seems to slip, this is where 3 seconds seems like an eternity. asi already have experience with dropping a bike, i get my leg out this time and come out all fine.

    while next to me, the guy on the scooter has an eye as big as eggs, he asks me if i need help, but by this time, all my anger has turned to embarressment, i never thought lifting a bike would bee so easy. once i lifted it, i see all this stuff on the floor, i think my engine would be flooded.

    my bike didn't come out too bad, scratched some of the stickers and i didn't get hurt which is a good thing. my question is to everyone that has dropped their bike, what do you do? just jump on your bike and ride off like nothing happened? or get it towed away?

    another thing...if anyone has an rs250, is it normal for a bike to be 65 degrees...seems abit high.

    story for my essay, but had to get it off my chest
  2. both times i've had decent offs they've been accidents so i've had enough adrenalin that the bike was easy to lift and wheel off.

    first time was embarrassing, just lack of sleep basically and i stuffed up.
    second time i was angry.

    both times they've been unridable.

    hehehe the 2 times i've dropped it at slow speeds, once was doing drunken "burnouts" on my friends front lawn, then i was too pissed to lift the bike up... other time was trying to wheel a road bike up a grass hill.. (long story)... that just wasn't happening.
  3. Awww bugger....it is normal to feel both anger and embarassment, but hopefully the bike is ok and you hopped back on and rode away.

    You are certainly not the first person to drop their bike and you will be far from the last. You dropped it, picked it up and rode away....happy days :wink:
  4. Man, The only time a rider shouldn't ride their bike away is when it CAN'T be ridden away.
  5. If the bike can be ridden and you're ok, ride it. If I was a little bit stressed from an incident, I'd just pull into a sidestreet and have a breather for a few minutes.
  6. 65 is fine on the rs..Mine used to go to around 75 or so I think in traffic on really hot days.
    If it goes anywhere near say 90, than you may have some problems. Shut it off.
    Bad luck on the drop, if its ridable its all good!
  7. I had one drop at the lights were my foot got caught on the peg (I still dont know how to this day???) and it was the slowest fall to the ground ever! Problem was I went down with it cause I couldn't pull my foot out! At least my leg cushioned the bikes fall (committment.....)
  8. thanks for the reply guys
    i just rode the bike home....its all good
    just missed the thunder and rain
    thats melbourne weather
    36 degrees i minute ago, pouring rain the next

    anyway, i consider my self lucky my legs didn't get battered
    but after all the adrenaline lifting up my bike, i wasn't as tough is i tought i was, my arm is stuffed and my right elbow, it was hurting to wheel the bike around
  9. I dropped my friend's bike once... boy was that embaressing.
    Was still ridable but while it was falling it seemed to take forever cause you're half struggling to keep it from falling yet don't have the strength to yank it back up?
    Needless to say the damage was really minor as I somehow directed the bike to fall on grass :p At the same time I was angry at myself afterwards cause of the parts I had to fork out for :S
  10. Nearly dropped it at lights yesterday morning. Stopped for the red, went to put my left foot down and felt the bike start to go over.

    Put my foot down and saved it while saying to myself "Take the foot OFF the footpeg first, then push it down, d*%#head."
  11. Yes I can understand seeing that I dislocated my shoulder and thumb while taking out my anger on a punching bag and not realising it until 5 mins later
  12. You lose your concentration on hotdays.
    I was at the top of a hill and was going to take off.
    When it was time to go; throttle release clutch....roll back... more throtlle.. roll back more...what the hell is happening I ask my self. My bike is stuffed I think...then OH...first gear...off I go :LOL:

    Its a natural reaction to get angry. and then embarressed if someone sees you.
  13. Neither. it happens. wont be the last time. get used to it
  14. :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Best way to pick a bike up (i got to test this method for real :oops: ) crouch down next to the seat, put your arse up against the seat, low down on the seat, grab the bars with one hand and somewhere solid at the back with the other and the just push back with your legs and stand up, you'll get it up easy.