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Dropped bike, broke clutch lever now what?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jabba, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Riding home just now and I dropped my bike crossing wet tram tracks on Toorak road. The clutch lever is snapped and it's peak hour. Short of getting a taxi home is there any way I can limp it somewhere?

  2. very hard. You're in inner urban Melb & definitely need to clutch your bike. Depending on your bike, some gearboxes will not go into gear without a clutch lever pulled in regardless how hard you slam shift it.

    I carry carry spare clutch & front brake levers (along with the bikes own tools), since my offroad days. Abit silly on a roadbike, but you never know.
  3. If you find some sort of small pipe you could jimmy it. Otherwise the clutch isnt totally necessary and the bike should be ridable. Just make sure you match revs before shifting. But if you're not confident at all call a tow.
  4. I've driven a car with no clutch b4 but not a bike. It's easy to change up gears with no clutch. I would maybe try getting it in neutral rev it abit and then as the revs drop shove it in first. It should lurch forward and get going. Then do same for up changes but try not to stop and limp it home
  5. If you've got a tollbox under your seat you should have a spanner lever extender which would work well.
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    This is what it looks like. Doubt I can ride it. Might ask some one if I can park it in their drive and pick it up later.

    No tool kit. Only a screwdriver and disc lock in my bag.

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    That looks like it might still be functional. Have you tested it?

    How far do you have to ride? If you keep plenty of distance between the car in front and be prepared to stall it and restart it occasionally you should be ok to travel a few kms.
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    It is totally snapped. Just hanging on by the cable. I tried adjusting it right in, but it just pops out.

    45kms to home. Times like these I wish I had friends...
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    45kms... wouldn't risk going too far then. Where's the nearest bike shop?

    Also you OK? No injuries? Look after yourself first.
  10. I've parked it in a friendly ladies yard. At the station waiting for a train. My knees hurt, but I just walked a few Kms so they must be ok. Left boot took a pounding and my toe is sore. I'll live.
  11. Funny thing is, as I was sitting there trying to figure out what to do, I saw a bunch if bikes cross the same track at the same place. No one fell off. Guess I must have had too much angle or something.
  12. Im guessing you crossed it too slowly. Both wheels started slipping at the same time and you lost it. To cross any continuous slippery surface, start as far away from it as you can. Turn into it and cross it at an angle. That way 1 wheel always has grip.
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  13. Not sure if you're on way into city for replacement lever (& poss 8-10mm spanner) to fix it, but if not and need bike transported home @MMMTS@MMMTS might be able to help (his threa'ds here: https://netrider.net.au/threads/mmmts-tyre-fitting-mobile-service.132184/).

    Get self (knees) checked over by a doc too when you can.
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  14. That sounds like the problem. First time I've crossed a wet track. It's the same road I travel every day to and from work. First time its been wet, so cross edit at as smaller angle as I could. Figured it wouldn't slip that way. Guess I was wrong. Wish they thought us this shit in the learners.
  15. You're not the first and you won't be the last to do the same thing.

    Get yourself checked out and relax for the rest of the day.
  16. I was actually just changing lanes. But yeah did it pretty straight. I'm on my way back hime in the train now, also it's pissing down with rain. Might just trailer it home and deal with it later. I had just finished night shift... Gonna be a long day.
  17. that's my boot. think it has taken the top layer of leather off, so i think they are for the bin... My knee has a bit of a scuff on it, but just looks roughed up, so i think they are ok still. that's the only thing (apart from the bike) that took damage. I somehow managed to keep my head/helmet off the road which is a bonus. mostly sore from hitting the gutter in an attempt to miss the phone pole and not get run over by the cars behind me. All in all I think I fell of well lol!
  18. Bugger about the spill.

    That lever looks well munted. I guess you'll be searching all the clutchless shifting threads to add it to your repertoire.

    Lane changing over wet tram tracks shouldn't upset the bike - how severe was the shift?

    You'll respect tracks from now on won't ya?!
  19. I thought I was moving over really slowly. Next thing I know I'm sliding along the ground. I was being really careful too. I take Toorak road on the way home to avoid the Etag toll and tunnel. Didn't save me money this time.

    I'm gonna be shit scared if tracks for ages I reckon!
  20. Got myself a new clutch lever and replaced it in the nice ladies front lawn. Duct taped the front indicator back on with a new globe and off she went.

    This is the extent of the damage, pretty minor really. The front fairing is a bit wobbly since a few of the mount points inside broke. A few bits of tape and some glue and she should be good to go again. Oh, and the left mirror snapped off, so a new one or an after market set will do. while I'm at it, i think i might get new front and maybe rear indicators. eBay specials i think.

    All in all I was very lucky to get away with what I did.

    Anyway, I've been up since 2pm yesterday, so another beer or 2 and i'm gonna hit the sack. Thanks for you help guys. amazed at how quick i got responses! A big thank you!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]