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Dropped Bike at Carpark Boom gate

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bigbird, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I have been parking my bike in a carpark for a couple of months and occasionally the attendant when I am paying has issues with the ticket.

    So one day a couple of weeks ago he very kindy came out of his room and gave me a tour of the sensors in the concrete that I should hit to make my paying experience better.

    I always hit the sensor going into the car park where you press the button to get a ticket but I did not realise that there is a sensor under the boom gate (in the middle) which actually validates the ticket as you cross it. This sensor I occasionally missed.

    Also, on leaving the carpark after paying, the ticket muncher that lifts the exit boom gate sometimes would not take the ticket and lift the boom gate. I would end up forcing the ticket in and then riding around the boom gate to get out.

    Again it turns out, I was missing the sensor. When you are over the sensor correctly the LCD back light on the ticket muncher lights up and it sucks in your ticket and the boom gate lifts up.

    So, for a couple of weeks I have been hitting the sensor correctly and all was right with the world.

    The other day I stopped at the exit ticket muncher and it refused to take my ticket. I rocked back an forth on the sensor trying to get it to light up and stay on. Finally it stayed on. I stretched over to insert the ticket, not realising I had moved further away from the slot and I over balanced and fell over. Boy did I feel Stupid. Luckily my bike is black and Black Texter pen was all I need to fix up a couple of small chips on my fairing.

    In future, if it refuses to take My ticket first time. I will just ride around the boom gate. Stuff their Ticketing process.

    Am I a wally or has this happened other riders?
  2. Sound like a good excuse not to pay...
    "not that I don't want to pay.. but your bl00dy machine doesn't want to accept it.. " :LOL:
  3. why do you pay to park? Can't you just park on the footpath? Sorry but yo ucan't enter the crash club of netrider with that poor excuss of a drop (unless you have a video of it) then upon viewing and depending on how funny it looked we may let you join the club :LOL: :wink:

    Glad to hear you didn't snap anything off and no costs involved :)
  4. stewy - there is a world outside of Melbourne ya know :wink:

    bigbird - thats sucks. I'd def be riding round the gate from now on.
  5. Stewy - Can't park on foot paths in Adelaide + it is next door to my job.

    I accept that I am still knocking on the door of the crash club. ( I know I can do better )
  6. I always ride around.

    Stuff getting my gloves off and fishing for the ticket.

    Especially when I don't take up a car park. I always park in a corner out of the way.

    If they go to the effort of making dedicated motorcycle parking at half the cost of cars then i'll use it and pay too.
  7. After I did an accidental burnout on a speedbump next to the ticketmuncher and talked to security I always go around. As they pointed out, if you can't get a ticket you can't be expected to pay.
  8. No way in hell am I gonna park in a car park that charges the same rate for both cars and bikes.

  9. The U-park on the corner of Light Sq and Morphett St in Adelaide charges $3.50 flat rate for bikes, which isnt all that bad i suppose. They also let bikes park in the very first park which sez NO PARKING all over it so your bike gets watched all day and you make cagers mad coz they have to drive 8 levels to find a park...

    Thats the U-park in playhouse lane across from the TAFE building...

    And yeah I just went around the boom gates everytime to get out...
  10. I usually park in the carpark near the corner of Hindley and King William street. Flat Rate $4 a day. paying is not an issue.

    I always thought it was a waste of time trying to lift the boom gate when you can ride around it.

    Now I know it is a waste of time and there is a risk to your bike and wallet by following the process.
  11. At Uni, sometimes I rather park the bike in the carpark, they only charge $2 per day for motorcycles and you get to park right in front of the cashier booth, undercover and I can lock and leave the helmet with the bike. :D