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Dropped bike.. AGAIN

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by btam, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Hey All,

    So you'd think after riding every blardy day you'd think I'd get better balance and clutch/throttle/rear brake control.

    Coming out of drive way, peak hour traffic.. I was already cautious, slowly walked her around a bit to turn left and mindful not to twist the throttle too much to smack the car infront... then when it was time to go i didn't let the clutch go enough and well.. down she went.

    Now here's the thing, I'm of a much slimmer frame than most blokes and what would normally be stoppable to most seems unstoppable to me as soon as she starts to tilt :/

    I managed to pick up my old zzr250 early 90's model on my own before.. but the 600 (R6) is just beyond me....

    Does it matter how strong you are? like if a trades person rode one.. would they ever let a bike fall?

    Anyway I wanted to test to see if I really can lift the bike because I can't seem to have time to try coz i'm rushed each time I've dropped her now due to traffic and first attempts lifting from the seat (which i know is wrong) just doesn't work...

    Is there somewhere like a course or something where someone can give pointers to lay bike down and let me test lift to make sure I can pick up my own bike if it ever goes down again.. ? embarrassing enough that it falls.. more embarrassing if I can't pick it up.. and not to be sexist .. but it feels mega worse that I'm a guy lol..

    Lucky theres been someone around to help of the two times it's happened so far.. but starting to be a bit worried if no1 is around next time...

    Am I meant to lift an R6 using the handle bar method? I mean that back against the seat method is meant for like cruisers and the like right? most people i know think all sports type bikes are light... hrmm...

    Anyway. any advice would be good..

    *kicks stupid bike with crack in fairing now*



  2. Bad luck mate. Seriously. It happens.
    Best thing is to keep practising your slow speed work. Throttle/clutch/brake. Do it till you smell the back brake boil. Just kidding. But do train. Its the only way to become confident. And that is where all the secrets are.
    As for picking it up yes. If its on its left side, turn the bars to the right so you have the most leverage you can get. Also be at the front as that's where the weight is on a sports bike. And use your knees not your back.
    If you are still struggling look around you for something or someone. A milk crate is a good thing. Specially if your fairing is already cracked lol
    Main thing is not to let it get you down. Or lose confidence. That's where the practise helps the most. I can do this I know I can. Is a lot better attitude than oh no here i go hope I make it.
  3. Cheers, yeah.. I'm more pissed off than down per-se but it really sh*ts me that everyone seems to find it so easy to pick up... I'll have to test it out..

    That other method they all demonstrate on you tube doesn't seem to work for me.. I'll try the handle bar method next time .. well hopefully there won't be a next time.. unless I find a safe place to practise without damaging the bike..
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    This girl seems to have a good method, and she takes the fact that she dropped the bike pretty well.....

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    Try lifting a 400kg bike then we'll talk! :D. I've dropped mine a couple of times and it was quite humbling the first time to not be able to even BUDGE it:
    there are videos on YouTube of this technique an it works 100% -
    if it's on it's right side, turn the handle bars to the RIGHT all the way, go to the right hand side of the bike and turn your back to the bike. Crouch down (bend your knees/straight back) and put your ass on the seat. Grab the handle bar grip with your left (keep it on full lock and pull in the front brake if you can!) and and put your right hand under the rear fender/wheel arch. Then STAND UP BY WALKING BACKWARDS! pushing AGAINST the bike rather than trying to lift it up!Voila! The bike will stand itself up.
    and vice versa for the other side.
    be careful not to overtip the bike, on to the other side!
  6. It's much easier to get them up if theyre on the right side since you can stick out the stand.

    Basically, both hands under the bike, back STRAIGHT UP (don't bend it or you'll do damage to it) and use ur knees to push it up. You should be able to pick up basically any bike like this... I managed to get my 170kg bike up off the pavement with a semi-healed broken ankle and I'm by no means strong. It's all teeechniiique techniiiiiiique as they say.
  7. If others can lift it easily and you can't, maybe the issue is that you need to get to the gym and pull a few deadlifts. You don't need to be huge to lift a bike, but there is a certain strength requirement.
  8. Maybe for huge ass Harleys and a Triumph Rocket 3 but for anything else you should be able to get them off the ground by yourself... :-s If not I'd say it's probably technique rather than sheer strength. Also, the main amount of force comes from your knees/thighs when lifting them up
  9. ANY bike? Really?? My bike weighs over TWICE yours...and that's DRY WEIGHT! I'm 6ft 1 and built like a brick sh*thouse and I couldn't BUDGE my bike (would have ended up scraping it along the pavement if I tried your ''technique') Lifting up with a straight back is not technique, that's just strength (and good spinal preservation! :) ).

    TECHNIQUE is what allows you to lift a fully dressed Harley weighing over 350 kgs, even if you're a 5ft1 56 year old woman with the muscle tone of a jellyfish(check it out on youtube!)
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    Actually what pissed me off was the fact she was riding the whole time with negativity... She almost talked herself into dropping it so to speak... Not saying that accidents don't happen but to me, she concentrated on all the negatives rather than doing the right things.

    Just something minor I picked up on - she seemed to be quite distracted about all the risks around her rather than identifying them and still concentrating on riding.
  11. Combining technique with a bit of strength makes it a hell of a lot easier. Did you read the OP's post - he has trouble just not dropping his bike, as well as picking it up. He also mentioned he is very weak and skinny.

    Much easier to get a little stronger and control the bike more easily. You definitely do NOT need to be strong. Just being not super weak makes it easier.
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  13. hrmm.. ok.. I'm going to have to find somewhere where i can practise this... if technique is it.. then there is still hope yet..

    anyone know how to lie a bike on the ground deliberately without wrecking it more? :) is grass usually ok?

    if i know i can lift the bike i reckon i'd be a bit more confident riding knowing that i can't pick it up at a worse case scenario... I've already given up preserving my fairings.

    But having said that... if i ever get a new bike... i'd say those crash knobs are worth their weight in gold for me..
  14. Yes...mates
    You can always just throw a doona or blanket on the front lawn. And invite ya mates over.
    or park it on newly laid tar and put it on its side stand and watch it sink. lol
  15. might be worth unscrewing mirrors . Watch out for indicators that could get crushed.

    Also, if you're 6'1 and huge you should be able to pick up anything on two wheels if you pick them up properly.. Watch the video Lilley linked.. She's not exactly a Bulgarian weightlifter nor is the bike a 50cc scoot
  16. Honestly, and no disrespect meant, you'd be better of practising how to ride the bike at low speed that way you don't drop the bike.
  17. Absolutely. Train. Make it fun and not a chore. Even to the point of buying a junker to train on. Seriously. one handed figure 8's are a hoot. And a peice of piss to do if you how.
    Even when I am doing them on say a 1200 cruiser, I have a fair bit of throttle on. And a huge amount of rear brake. There's no skill involved believe me, I'm an idiot. Yeh the bike is big and heavy. But it has a huge amount of torque and a massive crank. That and the rear brake are doing all the work. I am just like a monkey sitting there just looking where I want to go. Just puttingt a little pressure on either the bar for rights or my left foot for lefts.
    If I am doing it say a CB250 I have almost to full throttle on.
    Its not a skill.... its a belief. I know that the crank on the 1200 is going to keep me up. Does not matter what it weights. My grip and the way I am balanced and always have my eyes level with the ground make me so light that a bird could land on the bar and turn it in for me. I demonstrate this by turning it in with just a finger and that is all I am using.
    I must admit I have to go faster on the CB, but its so cute and little you just grind the little mother into the tar. And yup I have gotten too smug and gone too far over on the CB, with its trainer crash bars and fallen infront of a class. I broke my hip doing slalem infront of a class down at Bris. Be careful when riding mad. Copped two speeding tickets on the way down. broke my hip and cracked the hell out of my elbow. Finished the class and copped another speeding ticket on the way home. Bad day.
    Anywho the whole point of this is practise. I am a no one. I dont profess to be a great rider or decent citizen. But i have had to ride and do this crap for over a decade. And the only reason I can is because I was shown how to and I practised till I bled.
    Good night all and thank you for coming
  18. None taken... honestly I post here for help so it's all good... if I was a confident smart arse then I probably wouldn't be such a nub on a bike.. lol

    Cheers for the help peeps..

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