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Dropped and now blows smoke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by wokwon, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. My flatmate dropped our VTR250 (again) in low speed manoeuvring and it was down on it's left side for approx 15 mins, not running until I could go help him lift it. I didn't start it again and left it for a day so the oil could settle.

    It now blows large clouds of blueish smoke. I assume that oil has gone where it shouldn't and will burn away in time. I idled it (1 day after it was dropped) for about 30 mins to get it warm and it still blows smoke.

    Does it just need a run on the free way to get hot and clear it out or is it possible that more damage was done?

    I have demonstrated the method of lifting the bike (it only weighs 150kg anyway) so at least in future it shouldn't lay down to sleep.

    No other damage other than a bent gear shift which I straightened. The exhaust doesn't appear to be of a type that can be disassembled so I can't really clean it out. Oil in sump is still clearish and doesn't look like it has fuel in it and the bike still starts instantly and easily and idles fine.
  2. Most likely the case, a good run on the freeway won't hurt.
  3. Open the airbox and clean it out. Oil will have run up the crankcase ventilation stuff into the airbox. Clean out what you can. Remove the airfilter and check for oil in it. If more than about 10% of the surface area is clogged with oil, replace it with a new one.

    Check the oil level. It may be down a bit. Top it to where it should be. Also check the battery and refill with (cough) distilled water. ( ... unless you live in Adelaide or anywhere the tap water is really bad, in which case you really should use distilled water.)

    That will leave a little oil in the combustion chambers and inlet ports, perhaps sitting on top of the inlet valves... That should clear (mostly) once you resume normal operations. So the bike will still smoke a bit the next time you start it up, but if it's still smoking after a half hour ride, take it to a bike mechanic to have a look at.

    If you were really fastidious, you might try filling with premium, (because it has more cleaners and detergents in it) and getting out on the highway and stopping, disconnecting one plug lead and riding for quite a distance (think 100 km +) with fuel mixture going through the chamber but not being burned. After a while, connect them both and make sure both are firing, the swap over and do the other one. There are a number of ways you can clean carbon and sh1t out from a combustion chamber, but that one is probably the safest and least likely to result in other damage. Of course, a VT250 won't run all that well or fast on one cylinder...
  4. Thanks, shall do. I never thought of checking the air filter. I hope it's not saturated as I just replaced it approx 1000k's ago and it was expensive.
  5. Bingo, one airbox, extra sauce.

  6. Yip - that's about what I expected.
  7. Ok so some :) and then a :(

    After a run the smoke is all gone, the plugs are nice and brown.

    But I notice the handlebars are not straight when riding in a straight line. They are cocked slightly to the left (left bar was under the bike when dropped).

    I can't see anything bent and it handles fine, steers fine, brakes fine. The wheel bearing doesn't appear to have any left-right slop in it. What should I be looking for here?
  8. This thread might be useful for you:

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  10. If the bars are out, Bent, they will give you aches,and or cramps in one side of your body after a long ride,
    Get new Bars,
  11. you could also try a touch of murder with your flatmate, just a thought
  12. That would be hypocritical. He's dropped it more than me but when I did it, I did it properly (on a learner ride) and at speed. He's always done it in a car park while manoeuvring.

    That's why we bought a naked bike!