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Drop bike, and still pass test?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ksystemz, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Looking through another forum , guy was talking about his P's test which got me thinking. The testing people are letting people through easily.

    According to this he drop the bike hurt himself but still was able to pass the test. This could have caused a crash on the road or even got himself killed. On my L's a boy 5mins into the training , drop the bike , it didn't hit the ground but failed.
  2. Hopefully thats his last drop.
    Was it during the actual test or a practice run?
  3. I would guess it would depend on where you did the test, I am sure that some places would be more strick than others. And as for the e-stopping part, the requirement is to stop as quickly as possible so I gues that throwing the scooter on its side would make it stop rather fast. :)
  4. I think practice , But that does show he/she was not able to do that , and caused him to loose control , ill hate to go riding with this guy
  5. Re: Just a question

    So where's the question?
  6. Potentially performance anxiety...
  7. My best mate hired one of the bikes to do his P's test up here. At lunch time they let him take the bike on the break (they did the same with me) and he of course headed for the local mountain pass.

    Long story short he went off the road and smashed the indicator and mirror off it. Went back to the training centre and they wheeled it into the shed got him another one, he passed the test and got his P's :shock:
  8. On my first Ls test I came off, I dropped the bike and I hit the deck really hard, I then proceded with the test with only half a clutch lever, and they passed me. There was no way I was going to let it bet me. I think it sometimes goes on attitude.
  9. maybe he knows somebody who knows somebody. :wink:
  10. Might be different when you are doing the P test.
  11. When I did my learners at HART they were very strict on the point that - If you drop the bike during the test you automatically fail. One girl on my test was blitzing the test until she had had a very slow, minor drop when she was coming to a halt on the travel between the testing points. They stuck to their word and failed her.

    Might seem harsh but I respect that they stuck to their own rules.
  12. I bet it is too. But I hope not to drop my bike and if I do it is my own bloody fault :grin: I have not dropped my zeal since I bought it and I hope to keep it that way :) . But I know it will happen one day :cry:
  13. Plenty of us have "lost control" many years after our tests. That doesnt make us bad riders. I would hate to go riding with someone who passes judgement after 1 little "off". If there was no harm done and it wasnt in the test, its ok. Hopefully the person learnt what not to do. Dont forget they would have been riding a bike that was not familiar to them and with the rest of the group watching as well.

    Crashing is a risk we all take and for most of us it will happen at some stage.
  14. They can't fail you for falling of in practice. Practice is not the test. In fact practice is the process of falling off bikes while learning to ride them. As long as he could perform the right moves when it came time to be tested then they have to pass him. It's only fair given that he probably learnt more than anyone else in the practice session. :)

    Plenty of licenced and experienced riders also fall off their bikes. Often this also occurs when practicing something new. I doubt anyone would call for them to be stripped of their licence and sent back to L plates until they can prove they'll never fall again. :)
  15. For the test itself, if the bike hits the ground, its an instant fail.

    On the road ride, if the instructor deems you unsafe, he can fail you.

    But if you drop it at any other time, you're fine.
  16. If they feel you are unsafe (they are liable if you hurt yourself or others during the test) they will tell you to leave and you cant do the test.

    That depends on the instructor, Ive heard of some sending people home for almost dropping the bike or not doing a headcheck during the L's test, while others have dropped the bike multiple times and been allowed through.
  17. very true
    I know someone who did the L's course here in adelaide, she had been having trouble all day & dropped the bike. the instructors suggested she leave and she did.

    if you're doing great all day & have 1 mistake I doubt they'd fail you. but if you have trouble all day & then drop the bike, then of course they would.
  18. I had 2 riders F*&^ up when I did my P's.
    One dropped the bike, the other just about dropped it.
    Both riders got to take a 5 minute break, collect their thoughts and have another go at it. Both passed.
  19. When I went for my L's I Had a dude Hit me and The Prick passed!
    I was parked at the time! This Guy had no Idea!
    H dropped 2 bikes and Broke the Brake and Clutch leavers.

    I kept away from him and always had my eye on him form then on!

    Flipping unbeleveable!