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Droolworthy new guitar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dougz, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/DarkFire.aspx

    Talk about sexy! I wonder how much this thing will cost? I've had a play on a Gibson Robot and am impressed with the technology but was disappointed with the overall finish and tone limitations. This seems to rectify that =P~

  2. I'm not in the guitar scene, but it does look nice, dunno about drooling tho ;)

    And here I was thinking this was a Rob Salvv post :LOL:
  3. Really? What about the dark flame red and black edging around it? Fair enough ;)
  4. *looks* nice. But when it comes to sounds I'm a bit old skool. Tone is taken care of by valves and speaker construction. The peak of guitar technology came and went with the DS-1.
  5. I really need to knuckle down with my bass basics... sigh.

    That's a nice guitar man.
  6. Very nice Dougz.

    Are Gibson trying to make an all in one guitar that will almost do everything?

    Paint and black binding look awesome, but the fake carbon fibre fretboard infills...tres tacky.
  7. Drooling..., I'm doing it. =P~
  8. I think so. I tend to stuff about with a lot of different tunings and think that this robot technology would be sensational for the muso that can't afford 6 x different guitars tuned 6 different ways in a live scenario (or a guitar tech and 2 - 3 guitars). Even if you just use it to go to be able to go to a 1/2 step flat tuning it'd be damn handy. There are so many songs out there that aren't played in standard tuning.

    Now, if they can just transfer this technology to an Acoustic guitar I'd be set! :grin:
  9. I'll take a black one.
  10. You leave us for dead, Loz.
  11. i just had an orgasm
  12. :worthlesspics: :LOL:
  13. Edgie, your post is guaranteed to elicit comments from the filthy boys here.
  14. As a study in design I love it. :cool: :cool:
  15. Not quite what I meant mate. I'm referring to the robot tuning technology. Imagine being able to pre-program in an Open G /E /Esus tuning and at the push of a button you're there without having the break between songs (as you said in your article - nice write up btw) but on a dedicated acoustic guitar NOT an emulator.

    Personally I'd be happy with (again, as you said in your article) one great electric and one great acoustic at a gig. This technology would seem to be the way to do it.

    It's still damn clever. :cool:
  16. How much of a part does the woodwork play in the sound of these things nowadays? It's been 20 years since I played - maybe they're not even made of wood any more...

    No doubt I'm a fossil, but I miss the idea that a player built a relationship with an instrument based on the individual characteristics of each. A guitar that can synthesize any sound kind of disturbs me.

    Looks nice though.
  17. anyone ever played a Parker Fly? I knew someone who had one and WOW it was awesome.
  18. On an acoustic guitar, wood selection very much matters on what type of tone you will get. There is no right or wrong, only different. Some of the Australian companies have been very brave and adaptable experimenting with some locally sourced timbers with great success (Tasmanian Blackwood and QLD Maple for instance...) rather than the tried and tested spruce top/rosewood sides and back (Although this is still a lovely combination).

    I am a little old school to in this regards, but for the working muso, and ax that can do it all would be a big selling point.
  19. Nice looking guitar, but I'm an old school Fender man. My Strat with a good Marshall amp and Korg effects box will do me fine. Has done up till now anyway. Then again, I don't use different tunings much. I'm not good enough for that! :)