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Dromana and Arthur's Seat

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by tirian, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Just needed to take a ride tonight. Had to clear my head, needed time to think and unwind. Headed out to Dromana via the esplanade and then up Arthurs Seat. It was late in the day, and the sun gave out on me and it was COLD but brilliant to be out in it. Took some photo's...





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  2. Nice !

    was there on thursday :) but was driving instead.
    would go on such rides when i buy a bike :)
  3. ;0

    very nice snaps. good work!
  4. Nice pics!
    It's a pleasant ride. I'm thinking of either heading out to Arthur's Seat or perhaps the Spur today. :)
  5. Well, I gotta say I loved every minute of the ride up and down the Seat! I am not a very experienced rider and so I find the riding challening, educational and the scenery is not too shabby! :)

    I normally head down Nepean Hwy to Mornington until I get to Bunnings and cut down that road to the esplanade on the north side of Mornington then continue down there all the way to Dromana to the cut-off to Arthurs Seat. Then head back the same way if I have time, or otherwise cut back up the freeway.

    Looking forward to doing that a few times over summer till I get better with my cornering (especially my descending turns are terrible!)

  6. We you up there earlier this arvo? I was and it was a good local run. They were testing the chairlift using sandbags etc. Clean runs thru Dunns Creek and the seat. A few bikes around too.

    Nice shots tirian :)
  7. I was there around 1:00 I think. I saw your bike on the way in, was parked outside the Cafe right? I stood there 30 sec or so admiring her.
    And if I am not mistaken you were inspecting something on it a little later??
    If I'd have known I'd have said hi :p
  8. That's cool buddy, I live local so up am often around there on the weekend. When I arrived I was checking over the battery that shat it's guts all over the place, apart from that I parked it there and tucked into a pastie and coke :)
  9. Just as well you didn't try the fish 'n' chips.
    Enough oil there to keep every NR members bike lubed for the next 12 months.

  10. Lovely photos - nothing like a ride in beautiful scenery to clear cobwebs out of one's head :grin:
  11. Thanks. It really did the trick. I called my wife from the top of Arthurs seat to tell her i'd lost track of time and ended up a little further away than I had planned. When I got home, she asked - "so how was the view from Arthur's Seat?" - man, how do women KNOW these things? Anyway, she liked the pics.....and the fact the cobwebs were gone....