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DRMAT finally picked a bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DRMAT, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Hey guys.... well after a lot of stressing over which bike to get as my first i finally decided that the pros of getting a new Hyosung GT250R outweighed those of buying a 15 year old thrasher, esp when it comes time to sell.
    I'm in a good position to finance it all easily so also ended up spending a bit more on my gear than i originally budgeted for but that will be worth it in terms of longevity or if it has to actually save me!
    Had the bike for just over 2 weeks now and LOVING riding it. Got an aftermarket can for it and the tinted screen isn't far away so sounds good and looks great! I have to say the first ride around the block was a bit daunting and everything felt very awkward (ie gear selector, brakes etc) and i thought i would have to move it all but the second time i jumped on it all felt so natural and i wasn't fumbling for gears etc. Got my upshifts and downshifts smooth as silk 95% of the time already which is satisfying. Now just need to enrol myself for some further training!


    Its been added to the family now officially as well :grin:
  2. Subtle number plates, Matt :LOL:

    Seriously, the bike looks HOT!
  3. Mmmmmmm, shiny! I seriously like the looks of the Hyo's. All they have to do is build a factory tourer (or offer some factory options), and they'll have me seriously interested! I might just go ride a 650 soon.....
    Gee, the photos really show the poor Hyo fit and finish :roll: (just kidding, looks as good as any Japanese bike).

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Sweeeettttt!

    Very nice DrMatt :grin:
  5. Looks hot mate! Love the black frame/black bike look.

    Do the newer models still suffer from the flat spot issue around the 5500rpm mark?

    What can did you get for it? I bought an aftermarket one from peter stevens for mine (its actually a hyosung can i think) but the bracket that came with it wouldnt fit. Simple fix. Just left it off. They sound hot tho with a good can on them!
  6. Thanks guys!
    To be honest i haven't noticed any flat spot but i might not have been paying particular attention to it cos i'm still such a noob, i'll check it out next tim ei ride, prolly tomorrow.
    The can i got is the Hyo aftermarket one but the bracket (with neat Hyosung cut into it) fits fine. Reminds me i have to see if the tinted screen has come in yet.
  7. Shoot me a pm mat if you wanna go out for a ride sometime. Im in SE melb too.


  8. love the bike mat, your not out near warrandyte area are you cause i've only started recently seeing a brand new black GT250R hyo travelling around, although i've never seen the plates on it! I'm guessing it's not!
  9. Nah i haven't ventured out that far yet... i'm around East Bentleigh and Clayton mainly.

    Scott: Where abouts are you mate?
  10. Love the bike mate, very nice in Black

    Just a quick question how much was it on road ? and how much for the Can ?

    Enjoy riding it mate.
  11. Mat,

    In cheltenham. Very familiar with bentleigh and clayton too.

    Let me know when your up for it. Sundays are usually pretty good for me. Would be good to go riding with someone for a change. Not complaining about riding on my own tho.
  12. PJ2: $7500 on road.... good luck if you can get them down any cheaper... my wife and i busted their nuts (after doing same in the city) only to be met with flat "No". Can was $300 or 350 from rough memory... i bought all my gear there and the invoice only has a total for accessories on it sorry. Definitely sounds heaps better than the stock pipe though IMHO.
  13. Nice bike mate, welcome to the Hysoung family and don't listent o Loz :LOL:
  14. Congrats mate , looks HOT. :cool:

    How can you have the same number plate on the car and bike :? :shock:
  15. For some strange reason car and bike plates are entirely separate.
  16. That's the first time I've seen the black fairing / black frame version - wow. Very nice. Once you get the tinted screen, maybe look into some clear indicators... I reckon that would just finish the bike off nicely. Either way though.

    Just watch you don't get fined for the lack of L/p plates (unless I've misunderstood and you're not on L's / P's), I got caught once without L's, I think it was about a 100 dollar fine. Wasn't much fun.
  17. Yeah been thinking about clear indicators.. if my tinted screen ever comes in! Want to get rid of the rear fender as well... so plasticy!
    I have L plates on there though... they just weren't on when i took the photos... not worth the fine to not have them IMHO.
  18. Just wondering DRMAT how tall are you ? (if you dont mind me asking :grin: )

    Or if anyone else knows if this bike will be too big for me if I am 5'9" to 5'10"
  19. No mate, you'll be fine on it. I'm only 5'6 and I feel fine on the bike. Go sit on one though, Salesman don't bite. :cool:
  20. Nice Alpinestar jacket, would have been costly!