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Driving while disqualified

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ronk, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. What would you do if you knew someone who drives while disqualified?

  2. ...is stupid!!!

    You're not covered for any damage/injuries you cause in a prang...
  3. ... Don't lend 'em your bike?
  4. Slap them upside the head?
  5. ok, what did you do? and how long you lose it for?
  6. nothing as long as they weren't driving dangerously(or riding)i wouldn't fcuking do anything its not nice to dob

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  7. So vito, you wouldn't try and stop someone from breaking the law and possibly incurring massive costs on himself or herself if an accident occured? If someone was walking along the edge of a cliff in the dark, would you not warn of the dangers?
  8. bit different wouldn't you say if the person concerned aint hurting no one by doing it all good.
  9. It is the 'if' that Hornet600 is getting at.
  10. Well the problem with that view is that you can't guarantee that the person riding illegally WON'T hurt someone, can you?

    Accidents happen, and if our mythical rider kills or maims someone in an accident, no insurance company will pay the victim. So the victim or his/her family/friends will sue.... and so the nightmare will go...
  11. As a friend you would warn them of the dangers other then that what could you do.
  12. what if the world blows up?????????people need to mind their own business with stuff like this cause its just government greed that makes people lose their ride to drive or ride.the only exception is dui.

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  13. third party insurance which is the rego part of insurance pays up to the victim of a crash regardless
  14. My ex's Uncle lost his licence 12 years ago, and continued to drive.
    He was the safest driver you ever saw, since he could never risk a ticket or being stopped. He got away with it, but he was the sort of guy that gets away with everything,

    I did it once, unknowingly (aka I didn't know my licence was cancel) and got pulled over, I don't recomend that anyone does it.
  15. I would warn them of what the penalties are if they get caught.. and also that they are not insured for anything incase of an accident.. how much trouble they could get in etc..

    After I has said all that..I'd do nothing much.. It is their choice.. I can't stop them
  16. Well said :wink:
  17. Oh, it's not me..just someone I've been working with for 3 weeks.
    I consider the person having no respect for the law. If I don't do something, and the person injures someone in an accident, then how will I feel, because I could have possibly prevented it.
    And would the person stop if they did have an accident?
  18. What a fascinating thesis!!! So governments set speed limits and formulate road rules with the specific purpose of making people break the rules, thereby incurring fines and eventually loss of license?

    I don't know ho old you are, vito, but you are either old and you've had too many funny ciggies (or hits on the head in rugby scrums :LOL: ) or you're young and have an immature view of the world. Either way, please pop over and sign up at Conspiracy Central; they're looking for people like you....
  19. Say perhaps you do persuade them to stop driving. Who's to say they don't get hit by a car getting off a bus/tram/train the next day?

    Nanny alert! Let the person be. Why would this person be any more prone to crashing/injuring/killing someone just because they don't have a license? If anything I think perhaps they'll be safer on the road with the knowledge that they can't afford to be caught driving with no license.

    Mind your own business!
  20. would you be saying something if their licence wasn't suspended? ie. are they really that dangerous?

    thats what you really need to ask yourself. a licence loss makes you no less safe than you were the day you lost it...