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VIC Driving through carparks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by standrewscross, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. This might seem a bit strange but I was hoping somone might know.

    I commute home to Kensington/City/Kensington everyday up McCauley Rd which has 2 sets of traintracks and is a single lane, then bike lane, then a row of carparks inbound and outbound. The road tends to bank up a fair bit due to 2 sets of rail crossings.

    In the evening I sometimes use the bike lane to zip up to the rail crossing which I know the PooPoo are against but is there an actual law against driving up the empty carparks (all the businesses along there are closed at 5:00) running alongside the bike lane and road. This is not a safety/moral/is it the right thing to do sort of question, I just want to know if it's legal or illegal.

    Has anyone been done for it before?
  2. You know it's going to be illegal, in some way..

    Sounds reasonably "safe" to me though.. I doubt you'd get hassled as long as you pottered along at a sensibly slow speed.
  3. I don't think it would be their jurisdiction would it? It's private property isn't it? I might be wrong...
  4. @standrewscross, where in Kensington are you? I commute into the city from Kensington every day too. Also ride a CB 400.
  5. I thought the original poster was referring to regular parallel-parking car parks on the side of the road, but now you mention it, maybe not.
  6. No, it's regular parallel parking, not private property
  7. I live on The Ridgeway, see a couple of CB400s around 2 tri colours I can think of. I ride one like my avatar
  8. Remember to stop at the footpath as you need to stop coming out of private property as they will get you for that.

    Also you need to make sure that you give way properly when remerging

    Otherwise not illegal.
  9. Thanks good to know

  10. These are the normal on-road carparks to the left of the bicycle lane - not private carparks.

    Go to google maps and look up streetview for "Macaulay Road, Kensington Victoria, Australia".

    I would be fairly sure that you could be done for something if they want. At the very least overtaking traffic on the left, not travelling in a marked lane or any one of a dozen things.
  11. Would you like to put money on that?!

  12. If you know better share with the class rather than put some smart ass answer.
  13. I would say your in victoira and you ride a motorbike so illegal
  14. As I said earlier - it's not private carparking spaces but the normal carparks on the side of the road next to the footpath. Overtaking on the left is but one of the things you could be charged with - I'm certain that Justus or tramp could think of a dozen possibilities since it isn't a traffic lane.
  15. Overtaking on the left is not illegal if the traffic is stationary.

    Can you please share with the class what you claim is to be illegal. Then we can all learn from your excellent knowledge and bask in it's greatness.
  16. Settle Pettle.

    It was a question, not an answer.

  17. Bwahaha...

    Good to see that you still cant upset the high horses over here!

    I think everything is legal, unless you are arrested for it.
  18. I think it is "Settle Petal" as in you are calling me a flower petal, you know because you are trying to insinuate that I am precious. If you are going to try to insult people get it right.

    It might have been in the form of a question but the purpose of the question is to raise doubt in my statement. If you want to raise doubt, then post what I have done wrong so everyone can learn from your knowledge. I have been wrong in the past I will be wrong in the future and am happy to be corrected if people want to correct me, but looking at Hubie's response I can see no issue with the statement that I provided. You raising doubt in it has led people astray.
  19. Where have I led people astray?
  20. Being knowledgeable about a topic isn't a free license to be a douche bag Justus. While I value your advice, remember forums (for the most part) are about leveraging the experience and opinions of like-minded people. Knowledge shouldn't be used to belittle others.

    With that said, what are your thoughts on the situation? What rule would you be breaking? Has anyone been pulled over?