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Driving talk... Caging.. you've been warned!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blackadder, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Last week, while my bike was sitting in the garage with no wheels waiting for parts, I took the car out for a spin on some of the usual roads that I do. Here's the thing: I rarely drive, and I've never really driven for 'fun'. It's only a little car (150hp) but very fun in the twisty bits as far as I can tell. I was doing OK I guess, got stuck behind some bikes here and there, but for the most part I was taking it easy and keeping it all on my side of the road. It was fun.. not as fun as a bike though.. :)

    Being a FWD I found a lot of my basic instincts on the bike were maybe working against me. Going into a corner I'd get on the gas and gradually increase to WOT. I could feel it pushing the front causing it to understeer. When I backed off, woot, a little bit of lift-off oversteer.. Obviously bringing my bike-centric views onto a car.. which isn't too smart.. For example, she isn't quick enough to overtake on doubles, and that friggin pillar blocks my view on tight right handers.. Also there aren't many options in terms of "lines" on some of these tight-twisty roads...

    Apparently Winton Raceway has fun days for the car which costs $35. How cool is that? There must be hidden costs somewhere lol... I might have a go, probably be crap, but meh, it'll be fun I reckon..

    Sooooo, is there a Twist of the Throttle equivalent to driving that I can read? At the moment I've been looking at http://www.drivingfast.net/ . Any recommendations?

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    I have done this. There weren't any hidden costs. This was before I started riding so I had to buy a helmet for it. I remember thinking it was a waste for just a few times on the track but I really wanted to have a go and the one I got loaned was way too big for my head and needed one at short notice. But then I ended up getting a bike a few years later and already had a helmet :)

    You have to wear long sleeves and pants from what I remember, ditch anything inside your car that isn't secured and they do a safety check of the car.

    It was fun on the track but a lot of people showing off and some would go super fast in the straights (I remember one eejit in a ute doing this and he got told off) and slow right down for corners blocking faster cars going around the track.

    I was in an S14 and was pretty crap, came off the track at one point though didn't hit anything. That was actually the most fun bit :). Also been around in a Datsun with harnesses and race seats and that was so much better, you do get tossed around a lot without a harness.

    Edit: forgot to say - I think most insurance companies won't cover you on the day. A lot of people took their plates off.

    Edit: Oh forgot to say, I am pretty sure most insurance companies won't cover you if you do this. A lot of people took their plates off.
  3. Blackadder asked:-
    "Sooooo, is there a Twist of the Throttle equivalent to driving that I can read? At the moment I've been looking at http://www.drivingfast.net/ . Any recommendations?"

    If you are prepared to spend the time reading it and thinking about it, yes.

    The Technique of Motor Racing, by Piero Taruffi.

    It was originally published in 1958, and, AFAIK, nobody since has put together anything like as good an instruction book for racing.

    BTW, as well as being a serious race driver, Piero won several motorcycle championships, too, and does deal with "single track vehicles" in the book.

    Yes, lots of the pictures and words are old fashioned, by the technicalities are still the same.

    BTW again, if you buy a copy DON'T lend it to anyone......

    I have bought several copies, lent them to folk, and now don't have a copy myself. :(
  4. Foot to the Floor ... Hardcore... Drive It Like You Stole It