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driving next to me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. hey guys - just a little rant and to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong...

    was riding down Anzac Pde today and I was on the right lane sitting confortably when I see this 4wd speeding up on the left hand lane just to drive beside me....

    I really HATE driving or riding next to any cars or riders.... one of my pet peeves so I sped up to get ahead and NOT be next to the 4wd......

    what happens....

    he speeds up again just to drive next to me...... this game went on for almost 3 mins....... I mean.... it's not like the driver is checking out my bike cos I ride a virago.... to be honest kinda made me nervous - what if you changed lanes cos I'm in a really nice blind spot...

    why drive next to me for and constantly do so even tho I initiated my intent NOT to do so????

    yes I sped up past the speed limit by 5-10 km'h.....couldn't slow down cos I had a car behind me...

    ohh well - that was a pointless thread lol..... but seriously.... nothing better to do???

    not a big fan of drivers at the moment..........
  2. Thats what drivers do to p*ss people off!! :evil:
    Happens to me in my car too idiots!

    Bet they were wishing they could be riding like you were!! :LOL:
  3. You are perhaps on your Ls or Ps? Alot of people have the attitude of 'I'm better than them, I won't be out done'. Especially so on Ls - I've overtaken people for going slow for 10 minutes and when I overtake them they decide to overtake me then return to their previous slow speed!
  4. For me this is a time to use the power of the bike (yep, even a Virago) and not to worry excessively about the speed limit. Accelerate enough (on a straight, in a safe place) to get in front of them and give yourself some room, then head across into their lane in front of them (with plenty of space). They'll hopefully either stay back there or else go around, but if they then switch to the other lane and drive beside you again it might be time to look for a place to stop in for fuel or a coffee...
  5. Yeah if anyone makes me nervous I let em go or zip past and cut em off. But usually I bugger off from the lights nice and quick so they don't bother me.
  6. :roll:

    how does that stop you slowing down?
  7. i had a 4wd pullout from side street to my lane ( the outside one ) even though the inside lane was free......they must of thought, its only a bike, it wont matter if i haven't left enough room for him behind me.....

    i change lanes to inside one, see a car turning right ahead from outside lane.......power up to drive next to the 4wd.....he goes to change into my lane and can't because i am there........hahaha, he has stop behind the person turning....

    very juvenile i know but a lot of fun when you have idiots driving around like that
  8. Maybe you should have been in the left lane?

    I mean, if you had cars behind you but were able to speed up, that suggests you had no one in front of you. The fact that the 4x4 was able to come up next to you and match your speed when you sped up suggests there was room in the left lane.

    Perhaps you were holding up the traffic in the right lane and the 4x4 driver was trying to make a point to you?
  9. waits for thread where py1013 is downed by being in a 4x4s blind spot :?
    (no, not wishing for it; but I wonder why some people don't think about what they do on a bike)

    I'm with bogus and bravus.
    You are in control of who gets to drive beside you... not them.

    Ride smart and stay upright :wink:
  10. +1 :)
  11. Had a similiar experience with a P plater yesterday, they were going slow about 90km/h in the hundred zone (on a country road) so i pulled out and started to go round him....what does he do, speeds up. If thinking to myself 'you wanker'as a pass his door :evil: , he gets the one fingered salute from me as i twist the throttle and move in front of him.
    I just dont understand the logic of some peoples thinking
  12. and your one finger salute, wedge, probably makes him more determined to try harder at it again next time. afterall he probably got teh response eh was looking for... that is to annoy you.

    people wonder why others behave poorly and yet only reciprocate the same... :oops: wouldve been better to jsut blow by him and then not worry about it! :cool:
  13. start your own game when they pull up at the lights, get along side there passenger side. reach over and lift their wiper blade up and piss off they will if you time it just before the lights go green :)
  14. this is why we should all ride pocket bikes. Then we could just ride under all the baddies out there.
  15. Yeah that sounds like what may have been happening.

    I don't understand why people just sit in the right hand lane. If your in the right hand lane and someone's behind you, move your a$$ over so they can pass!
  16. hahaha. how many times have we all done that. to friend and foe.

    i remember doing this to a couple in annandale one night. the had a nice little M3 and jeez it went hard, i was on a cbr600 but roads were damp os getting away and getting traction was fun. so at the set of lights i got off flipped their wipers and got back on. gave me the break i needed and was a hoot as well. even his missus smiled at that one. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I'm with you dude! Sh!ts me to tears when someone's sitting in the right hand lane while people are passing them on the left. Stay left unless overtaking is the general rule.
  18. mate - I have every RIGHT to stay in my right hand lane

    if I was speeding 5-10 km'h above the speed limit to get away from that 4wd then that's common sense that I can take the right hand lane cos I'm going fast and stuck to the limit (in this case I was speeding a bit)

    actually - I really hate people who rush you in the right hand lane when in reality you're doing the speed limit or a tiny bit more so it's common sense that I'm trying my best to do what I can and jsut enough not to get caught speeding.

    I'mma buy my own road to ride on - hahahaha

    thanks for the encouragement guys - I'm just a safe and strict rider sometimes and it's nice for people to reassure that breaking a little bit of the law to get in front won't hurt.
  19. I was of the understanding keeping left unless overtaking only applies where such signs exist.
    I think its more an unwritten rule where its started from freeways where the slower moving
    vehicles occupy the left lanes with faster flowing vehicles on the right lane, & this has now filtered
    thru to other road types.

    If DUK35 or anyone else is in the right lane doing the posted speed limit, why the f*ck should
    he have to move over for?

    Having said that, there have been many times I've been in the right lane behind someone doing
    the correct speed & I've become pissed off that they havent moved over so I can pass.

    I think that unless the road has been marked as a left lane only unless overtaking, one would
    move across to the left as courtesy only.
  20. my common sense is if your slower than the left lane, move to the left. and if there is nobody on the left lane, move to the left/middle lane.