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Driving like I am on my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedRobbo, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Driving home tonight in the car, nearing home I begun to laugh at myself, since riding my motorbike on the road I am so much more aware of what is going on around me. I was keeping out of people blind spots, looking ahead and guessing what people were going to do and saying to myself are they going to pull out of that side street. I guess it's a learner thing or do some of you more experianced riders get that from time to time.

  2. Just don't forget your in the cage and attempt splitting, sorry "filtering".tis not so good.
  3. we all do it bud
  4. Welcome to motorcycling where you have to think for everyone else or die
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  5. I reckon riding a bike more than driving gives me much more patience in the car.
    Boring? Yes certainly, but easy

    Does this make sense?
  6. Almost did that a few times in my Hilux...
  7. Being a motorcyclist will make a heap of difference to your driving. I found that out from the very first 2hr familiarisation course I did (before my learners, that was). You'll be more aware and safer than ever.
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  8. s'alright though... they get out the way once they see the bullbar and realise you aren't stopping :D :D
  9. I found myself checking over my shoulders more often when changing lanes, especially in rainy or hard to see conditions.
    The nightmare of a bike suddenly appearing as i change lanes is replayed in my mind everyday through the eyes of the rider as I 'filter' through traffic everyday towards the city and back home.
  10. I hate to admit this...but...sometimes I nod... :bolt:
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  11. Yeah that's so true, it's like you just see more or find another sense.
  12. The only riding habits that reflect on my driving is the quick acceleration and weaving in and out of traffic. I didn't know my driving was so aggressive until I had to drive a few drunk people home...they all told me to drive more passively or else I would have had to invest in a new interior. Since then, I have to force myself to focus to drive less aggressively.
  13. LOL so I'm not the only one :)
    Ive also tooted the horn when a traffic light has changed to green, but that's a train driver thing lol
  14. Why are you even on four wheels? :p
  15. i used to do that but found good lane selection is better & less risky....often the inside lane as everyone seems to think the outside lane is the fastest.

    I also leave a 3 sec gap & never tailgate which has saved me from many potential disasters

    & after doing fast country rides with different skilled riders i found there is not much different between the slowest riders & the fastest riders ETA even over an 80kmh stretch...often only 30 sec.

    so there is stuff all to be gained from speeding & rushing in traffic or country roads, hence i just cruise in the car these days

    My hazard perception & road craft have increased immensely as well, I seem to be able to now understand other drivers motives more so & not take offense to their driving, even when its stupid shit, as i feel i know what they are going to do even before they do at times, simply by looking further ahead & predicting their behavior by the minute actions of their vehicle...
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  16. I agree with lane selection and have found the slow lane to be more constant, same with sitting behind a truck...no rapid acceleration, just consistency. In saying that however, when traffic isn't banked up and drivers traveling at 10km/hr below the limit (in packs), I try to squeeze in every possible gap to get ahead a few car lengths. It may not seem much, but on certain multi-lane roads, if you get stuck at one set of lights, you will definitely get caught at the many more down the road, beat the red and you may get free passage for the next set.

    I know a set of intersections where if you are at the front and gun it to the speed limit, you can make the next 2 sets of lights. Accelerate slowly and cross on amber, you get caught out at the last one. It's not just time saving (between 5-10 mins), it saves on fuel too without the constant stop/start.

    I try not to rush in my cage...sit back, relax and enjoy the music :).
  17. Haha very very good
  18. Nice post mate(y).
  19. Oh yeah me too - but more than "sometimes"... Doesn;t half confuse the heck out of the riders if they see you do it !

    We Land Rover Defender drivers also make a habit of waving to other Defender owners.... They get confused when I do it from the bike !
  20. I have 'almost' filtered in my car more times than I'd like to recall.

    Also, I get so jealous of riders on the Monash fwy when It's bumper to bumper and I'm in the cage watching bikes sail by....I'm sure grinning their arse off like I do when I'm in their shoes ;)

    I'll always give them stacks of room....love getting a nod/wave from the riders.....for that 1 second, I forget how crap the traffic is...... and nod back lol