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Driving Lights

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hissy, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. I am getting mixed responses from people so I will ask the forum members.

    I have a Honda CB250 which I want to fit driving lights onto.

    I picked up a pair of 80mm 50W units from Super Cheap.

    Do I need to do anything special with the wiring?

    Some people say that the charging cct will not be large enough and will cook itself.

    I could fit a second battery in the rear compartment but would still need to charge it.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Sounds like a bit of overkill there, hissy. Perhaps start out with a good quality uprated headlamp?

    Cheers - boingk
  3. You will need to find out whether the alternator can provide the extra power, which I think would mean you finding out what the alternator output is, and trying to work out what would be being used by the bike when the lights are on. I wouldn't think a bike like this would have an alternator with that much spare output, but I have no idea.

    If the alternator could run it, then you would need to provide heavy wire to the new lights and a switch, or relay, that could take the power. It would be a lot easier to upgrade the headlight.
  4. By that you need to add up whats likely to be on frequently, ie, low beam, tail light, brake light, indicators wattage and see if you have much headroom.
  5. Don't forget your ignition circuit and instrumenation lighting either.

    I'd really just go with the uprated bulb and then go from there, be nice to have driving lights though!

    - boingk
  6. What next

    I have spoken to a nice guy in Victoria from a company called red motor bike. http://www.redmotorbike.com.au/
    He said that the Honda would charge the battery all ok.

    I have fitted the two 80mm driving lights and fitted 35 watt H3 globes that I picked up from Burson's at Prestons. $5.00 each globe.

    At this stage I am running a completly seperate switch, relay and wiring for the driving lights. That way for some reason if there is a problem it will not interfere with the operation of the bike.

    Took the bike for a test run the other night and it looks good.

  7. If you have the relay in there did you connect them to the high beam ? That is the best and a separate switch if you don't want them on.

    That's how mine have always been done, I use the Hella FF50 and have had Narva 55 watters on the other bike (just sold it)
  8. Good to know. I have a similair setup I want to fit to my forks, but wasn't too sure. VTR 250 shouldnt be much different to a CB in terms of amp capacity etc.
  9. Davo,

    I understand what your saying. Until I finalise my idea I am running the lights on a seperate switch.
    I would like to be able to run them during the day as well, not just at night.
    So if i can find the correct angle where it does not blind the oncoming cars but gives me good fill in light. I will run them whenever I am on the road.
    Extra light will make the bike more visible day and night.
    More photos to follow.