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Driving Instructor YHX 070 (Altona VIC)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Funkmonkey, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Unmarked driving instructors car, the instructor is a little old middle eastern lady, who doesnt instruct, she just sits on her mobile phone and allows whoever is driving to do whatever... like roll through stop signs and give way signs.

    000 wont deal with things like that, so its being reported here.

    Watch out for em, they were all over the road when i saw em about 30 mins ago, and its not the first time ive seen em.
  2. 000 is for emergencies. How about a nice email to Vicroads who she would be accredited with.
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  3. +1 report to Vic roads
  4. Yeah been trying to find the right email address for them for that. Cheers guys.
    Still worth leaving up here tho, maybe other riders around Altona have noticed.
    I suspect i know what company they work for but with no markings on the car its only a guess.
  5. Isn't it a sign of the times.

    Rather than look in the government section of the white pages, find the number and pick up a phone and make a call, people jump on the Interwebz and post it on a forum/fb/twitter and look for an email address.
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  6. Geeze, thought this was a place to vent.
  7. Thanks for pointing out that she's middle eastern, I might have not cared if I hadn't known that.
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  8. ....only if you vent properly....there must be some venting rules somewhere here, with instructions, depending on your venting capabilities....:whistle:
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  9. Back in the dim dark days when I learned to drive coaches my instructor was happy to sit on the phone chatting while I tried to drive the old 40 foot Domino with 6 speed spicer crash box around suburban roads. The fact that I had no idea what I was doing didn't seem to worry him, but it worried me!

    Back then I was too young to stick up for myself and tell him where to put his phone, especially as I was paying for the lessons myself. But no, I kept going until I got myself stuck turning left from one not-quite-wide-enough road to another, and almost wedged the right mirror into the traffic lights.

    Aah, the good old days. Good to see that nothing has changed. Oh, except he was an Aussie, so it seems that all races can be idiot driving instructors.
  10. Vent yes but this pointless

    Exactly what is the point of reporting it here? What is he hoping we will do?
  11. Maybe something like this
  12. That's what I had in mind, yes.
  13. My driving instructor used to fall asleep.
    Especially during the night drives. Or during the autobahn drives. Going 200 km/h on a dead straight road all the way to Berlin in no traffic is quite boring as a passenger. If he wouldn't have been taking me on roads I had never been on, I wouldn't have minded. Since I got my scooter licence with 16 I had no problems with traffic. So after I had figured out the clutch it was basically only getting all the mandatory hours done so that I was allowed to sit the test.
  14. I find it funny that experienced bikers think writing an angry letter to an editor over tac/vicroads/vicpol bullshit will change the world but on a sunny day will go out on a nice little jaunt around the city because a random cop told a random person that maybe they would be safer in fluro. Clearly once again im on the wrong bandwagon.

    On not finding any info in the white pages, or on the vicroads website, or on the vtd website, or on the vicpol website, on how to report A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR whos job it is to correct dumb shit from a learner, who will grow up to be the dumb fcuks that people such as yourself have issues with, i posted here. Cazzo put me in the right direction, and Vicroads pointed me to the VTD and Vicpol. We know vicpol will do nothing, so it was reported to VTD. Who funnily enough also did nothing.

    But i did my part, regardless of how much of a whiny little biatch people here think i am, i still do my part, and i can sleep at night knowing that i dont accept dumb shit around me going on. Dumb shit exists when not so dumb people say/do nothing.

    I will now go back to ignoring anything not relevant to any information i actually want. It suits me better. /rant
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  15. I'm not sure why you aimed your first paragraph at me, but for what it's worth I agree. Oh and it's quite a small bandwagon that one, and probably not worth being on.

    As for the rest of your post, I'm surprised you couldn't find the phone number for VicRoads or VicPol in the Government section of the white pages. Oh well.
  16. Good on ya for reporting it here and to whom ever else. Especially since that's my neck of the woods.

    Just wondering how you knew it was an unmarked driving school car?

    109er, the mid eastern appearance description is a perfectly reasonable thing to say. It's no different from saying middle aged caucasian female.
  17. I disagree, but don't want to get into it.
  18. In cases like this, where there are gaping holes in the administrative machinery, a letter to your MP tends to be effective. MP will forward it to the relevant minister who can find the relevant person from the top, rather than piss around with front office plebs who don't know, and don't care, how to handle the matter.
  19. "Human female of nondescript size and colour, with non descript coloured hair, and non descript racial background, seen not caring while instructing."

    Kinda doesn't tell anyone much of anything, especially those that ride in the same area.
  20. I was thinking that "middle eastern appearance" seems to be used as a perjoritive term as there are other ways to describe people accurately.
    I do not see how a persons race has any bearing on their driving/riding skill and therefore was needlessly extraneous to the debate. I would look to identify the car by rego not the appearance of the driver and to call it out is to me unnecesary.
    I am aware of the myth that female and/or asian drivers are worse than white males and find it distateful and this seems to perpetuate the myth albeit in a subtle way.
    This week we have had reports in the SMH of a korean who lost a finger in what has been described as a racist attack, last week a French woman threatened with death if she didn't speak english in a Melbourne bus.
    There's too much overt and covert rascism in this country.
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