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Driving in India

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mashwoo, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. #1 mashwoo, Apr 18, 2006
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  2. freckin hell!!! makes our driving look tame doesnt it...!! :shock:
  3. I think I'll take the bus if I'm ever there, notice how everything moved out of the way for the bus :LOL:
  4. Isnt that Melbourne...
  5. There's a good reason for that.

    Last time I was there the newspapers had a separate listing in th road toll report for people killed by the busses. :shock:
  6. I've been there a few times and the last thing you would contemplate doing is driving yourself around. There are a few accidents but most often very low speed. Crossing the road on foot is indeed a challenge!

    ps. I don't think I'd be catching the bus....Stick to rented drivers and at worst the 3 wheelers.
  7. Watching that gives me a much better understanding of why non of our Indian staff have a clue at all during Staff Go Karting days.
  8. Thats why taxi drivers cant drive !
  9. agree with you there after seeing that why should they drive here
    was very scary...
    yet there was no accident :shock: :shock:
  10. I'll let you know how I go after I do the Roadrunners India/Himalaya Tour later this year or the next...LOL.
    I know plenty of riders who have survived, you just have to have your wits about you.
    Everyone gives way to the trucks and the buses.
    That's a given over there.
    Can't be any worse than when I rode in Poland and the Czech border.
    Half the Polish drivers were in a continual state of intoxication. Especially out in the country areas.
  11. came across this info today-

    Annual car production in India has grown 20% pa since 2000. A US study shows Chinese car production to
    have grown eight fold in 10 years and expects China will be the world’s largest car producer by 2015 (don’t think
    the iron ore price or nickel price is falling anytime soon). India and China are also adding thousands of miles of
    roads each year. Indian car dealers are struggling to keep up with the demand for cars driven by an explosion in
    credit and car loans. Ethanol is now 20% of all fuel sold in China. All Public buses, trucks and three-wheelers in
    Bombay are run on LNG.
  12. India is way ahead of us - what you see here is in fact the cutting edge thinking in traffic management... Do you think I'm kidding? A while ago I read about Dutch experiments designed to improve traffic flow and decrease accident rate, and the gist of their thinking was to remove all artificial devices channeling traffic such as curbs, lines and signs, relying instead on good old common sense and self-preservation of road users. Researchers found it worked quite well on their test intersection: instead of blindly following the lines and signs, drivers slowed down, looked at each other, and negotiated the passage quite successfully.

    And that is exactly what we're seeing in this video.

    Edit: Here's the link to that story: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.12/traffic.html
  13. fantastic. poetry in motion. flows way better than anything i've ever seen in oz. makes absolute sense of what you say cb250.

    does that make them safer or more dangerous than the buses in israel :LOL: :shock: :(
  14. fantastic. poetry in motion. flows way better than anything i've ever seen in oz. makes absolute sense of what you say cb250.

    does that make them safer or more dangerous than the buses in israel :LOL: :shock: :(
  15. Doesn't it? Anywhere in Australia, there would be several lines, several street lights, pedestrian crossings and a couple of speed humps thrown in for a good measure. And the end result would be that with that amount of traffic, this intersection would be gridlocked in every direction, all the way down to the next intersection... and the one after that...