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NSW Driving in bus lane fine, Vic license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, longtime lurker, first time poster. No, wait...

    Recently I was in Sydney for work & I accidentally used a bus only lane coming onto the bridge, after a little chat with a bike cop on the side of the road, he issued me with a tasty little safety tax to the tune of $298 :-#

    He also said there was a provision to be issued with a formal warning rather than a fine, but he couldn't do that, I would need to jump through some bureaucratic hoops.

    My questions are: Which hoops? NSW or VIC?

    Does this fine carry any demerit points?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'd like to see what they try and do if you don't pay it.
  3. If the infringement was committed in NSW then logic dictates that the hoops are indeed in NSW.
  4. Hmm... Well, they know where I live...

    The money, oh well, easy come, easy go, my license, however, I would like to hold onto :)
  5. Which is what I would have thought too, but the Officer said otherwise.

    Clear as mud.
  6. Point is they are not going to haul you into downing centre from victoria for a bus lane violation.

    If you pay it points come off your victorian license.
  7. They don't employ 'em for their interpersonal skills.
  8. There's no points allocated on the fine itself, like in Vic, does this fine carry points?
  9. "Illegal use of a bus lane incurs one licence demerit point and a fine of $298."
  10. Without bothering to do the research for you, maybe he means something like the option to apply for a reduction in penalty (to a warning) for road users with no other blemishes on their records?
    That's available for low level offences in VIC, don't know about NSW. It would be your VIC record they would need to check, and your VIC demerit points to adjust, but the decision would be made by NSW. Pretty deep bureaucratic mud there.
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  11. Screw you & your vital information. Er, I mean thanks!

    Yep, I'm screwed then. Thanks titus.
  12. You need to write/call the NSW SDRO who in my experience are far more reasonable than our vic counterparts.

    In NSW, I received a fine for 121 in a 100 zone (officer put me down into the 10-20 over bracket) and the SDRO converted it to a warning.
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  13. adprom is right. I've done it once. If your record isnt' bad they write back with "we'll wave it this once, but a warning is going on your record".

    I'm not sure it really does and I'm not sure they'll will wave it for a victorian license. On the other hand they might be more inclined to do so.

    As for not paying it, the two state licensing authorities came to agreement many years ago and it's effectively the same as getting a fine in Victoria. If you don't pay it you will accumulate fees and warrants
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  14. Thanks mate.

    I found the link for the review & have done all the relevant paper work, I'm in their hands now.
  15. Good luck with it.
  16. Matters not if they know where you live or not. Lilley was on the money. How can they enforce it?

    As for your license, they can't take it off you. The worst they can do is forfeit your right to drive in their state.

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  17. I have received word from the bureaucratic machine that I am not eligible to be let off with a warning.

  18. Move to NSW they have more demerit points.
  19. Yeah, but they also have double demerit weekends.
  20. Seeing as he was riding there and if he ever wants to go back there, that's good enough reason to sort it out so his right to drive isn't suspended. I'm sure he doesn't want to go to court after being charged for driving whilst suspended.