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NSW Driving around boom gates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Deon, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Is it illegal to drive around a boom gate in a carpark? I cant seem to find anything to say it is on the RMS website. Sorry if its a stupid question? I'm just wondering as I noticed a fair few riders do it.

  2. You'd have to ask the owner of the boom gate...
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  3. If it is publicly/council owned they can fine you easily. Issue a ticket and then the SDRO will follow it up.

    If it's private however totally different story. Normally if they so choose they can take you to court to recover the 'debt'. The problem being they have to prove it was you driving as well. As they can't sue the vehicle owner they must sue the person who breached the contract of their parking agreement.

    So it is a total ball ache for them so they probably won't do it as even if the judgement is in their favour because the judgement amount will be well under bankruptcy they may not even be able to recover it in the end.

    In summary they can sue you. The chances of them taking action are extremely low however.
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  4. I've had one attendant at a private car park go ballistic at me on my way out...0 care given though.
    For shopping centres I always go out the motorcycle lane 10cm to the side of the gate, using the logic they should brought a larger boom ;)

    For car parks with cameras 'ie Melbourne Airport' many may take the pedestrian crossing out.
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  5. You asked the same question on Facebook and were just as unclear about exactly what boomgate and what purpose it serves.
  6. Boom gates are stupid, if they hit a rider they could do some serious damage to the spine, you are protecting their interest in not being sued by riding around.

    Be aware tbat tbey can ban you though, and jf you return, it's trespass.
  7. Benn doing it since I started riding many moons ago. Never had any problem apart from the time I managed to hook my rucsac strap on the boom which kept me somewhat stationary but allowed my bike to continue it's journey, sans rider!
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  8. I install these things and agree they're not good for bikes, go round em and if you can't fit press the help button and tell them it's not picking up your bike, they will most likely open the gate.

    But if your interested induction loops which are the rectangle on the ground pick up metal and are most sensitive at the edge and especially the corners, handy to know if the traffic lights aren't changing.
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  9. I just drag my center-stand across the loop, not many lights I get stuck on.
    If you have a problematic light, report it to the road authority and they will dial up the sensitivity.
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  10. yeah well I think it's just to hold up traffic because straight after the boom gate in question is a stop sign :/
  11. Thanks. But let's say you grabbed a parking ticket and went around the boom gate so you are still paying for parking but ride around it. Is that illegal. I'm asking because on my commute there is a boomgate around a small carpark which is free then a stop sign the boom gate is on a lon timer and I want to know if i habe to wait or I can legally go around it.
  12. If they decided to take enforcement action against bikes going around booms you'd need to be able to prove you paid on the day in question. It wouldn't be illegal per se to go around a gate.
  13. Nice, I didn't think of the stand. Had one boom gate that would never pick me up leaving. Half the time when I pushed the button the guard would be off helping someone with the card machine. Could only just squeeze under the boom. I went and put 4 rare-earth magnets on sheets of tin under the fairing and on the back of the swing arm.
  14. Depends on the specific terms of each carpark but generally, I'd say no (assuming you're otherwise allowed to park inside the boomgate). Most carparks are pay-on-exit, so the act that's 'illegal' or a breach of contract or whatever would only be complete once you exit the carpark without paying.

    Some operators (eg World Square in Sydney) have avoided that complication by simply making the boomgates longer.

    So if you want to get out, you either have a validated ticket, or ...

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    How deep is the loop laid into the pavement?
  16. The top wire will be no deeper than 20mm down usually. Pretty easy to stab a screw driver in.
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  17. The one at the old Fairfield papermill is about 0mm at the moment.
  18. And then get more work? :)
  19. Haha yeah the punters don't need my help to stuff em up.