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Driving a car after riding the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Banana Fred, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Has anyone else had the urge to lean into a corner when they've gotten into a car after having ridden their bike for a while?
    I decided the car needed a bit of a charge so I drove into work today as opposed to the previous five days of riding everywhere and every corner or roundabout I came to, I'd lean in my seat far more than I normally do to counteract even the most gentle turn.
    I even caught myself raising my left hand for the indicators for many of the turns I made and had to remind myself that it's on the right hand side of the steering column.
    Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  2. Can't say I've had that experience and I don't even own a car. The only thing I find is that even little cars feel huge. The only problem I have is a tendancy to want to lane-split when driving a car. :oops:
  3. I ride everyday.
    I only get into the car maybe once a fortnight now.
    I find myself turning my body into corners for the first few minutes.
  4. I take my car for a run every couple of weeks so it keeps working for me. I don't lean, but I can't help but plan for which split would be best. So disappointing to see a beautiful split and still have to wait in line.
  5. it feels pretty wierd to drive a car after riding. ive got a yoshi exaust so i keep searching for that grunt and the sweet sound but then i have to remind myself that im in a car. by that time ive revved the tits outta the car too , and the worst thing is the car isnt even goin newhere quick .

    miss the acceleration and lane splitting the most though
  6. Yep, sure have - even forgotten to put the earplugs in, got back, had to duck out in the car somewhere and wondered why it was so quiet! Ears were still ringing...
  7. he he... i look through the corners too when i cage it... takes a few corners to realise that there is a pillar in my way when looking he he....
  8. when i jump into the mazda 121 cant feel the viberation can't the engine and by the time i do everyone in the car is grimicing :) oops i also strugle with lane position i forget that i'm not a meter wide oops

    lucky i don't own the car ;)
  9. I think this actually helps though, I think I vaguely remember my driving instructor encouraging this.

    Definetly works in Go-Karts from my experience. Although leaning actually makes a difference in those things too I'm convinced. They're pretty much 4-wheeled motorcycles.
  10. Hey Blodders, my Dad had a GSX250 that I used to ride around on as a kid. I used to have a ball on it. Yours isn't red by chance is it? :grin:

    Dad eventually rooted his. He thought he could keep up with me on my trail bike as I took off down an enduro track after heavy rain :LOL:

    He had my sister on the back when he binned it. :oops:
  11. Um...........yes. You should look through the corners regardless of what you're driving. Car, motorcycle, pushbike, skateboard, waterski, billy cart....that rule always applies. :wink: :)
  12. Yeah those a and b pillars just get SO annoying.
  13. When I drive after riding I tend to think I can squeeze into smaller gaps than I can. Also I catch myself placing myself in the middle of the road. Hence the car is excessive to the left of the lane...oh can cars are soooo much smoother
  14. I'm reminded i'm in the car every time i go to accelerate and comparatively nothing happens! :LOL: Yeah, i have caught myself leaning into corners whilst driving.

    The one thing that riding a bike has taught me is the effect of poor road conditions. Previously i feel i always underestimated braking distances aswell as traction limits; now i'm rather conservative in the car but ah well, it keeps me safe.
  15. Ahhh yes... after riding for two weeks then hopping behind the wheel, I did notice a few things felt weird. Firstly I was exiting the house without my jacket, gloves and helmet, I felt so naked! And every roundabout I went around I clipped the rear wheel because I got too close... :oops: But I do look through the corners in the car now more than I did before riding. I'm always sure to leave a gap for splitters too... and once or twice I've been known to cut off another car to let a bike go by :wink:
  16. I'm pretty sure your ment to head check while driving a car too, I've always done it while driving before riding.
  17. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I am so glad I never rode around you when you drove the car back then!

    Does blind spot mean anything to you?

    Oh, and G'day :)
  18. welcome black magic... thats a little scary not to head check in a car.... mirrors cant see everything.... glad you do it now though.... will have to keep an eye out for you on the roads in bris :D
  19. Yep of corse it's red... red goes faster... and she needs every little bit she can get... should have binned her $1000 ago ...

    shes a firey red head, if i don't treat her right i cop it, and shes out of action at least once a month. :)
    mmm next time get a mechanics oppion before buying