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Driveway seeking near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Had one of my closest near misses the other week. Sorry, no video as I don't film my commutes, to incriminating :).

    So, it just started raining so the road was very slippery, was heading down Glenhaven Rd towards Castle Hill, no traffic in front of me. Going about 60 cruising along when a car going in the opposite direction done the old blinker and turn in the one action right across my path into a driveway. No warning, absolutely no way of predicting it as he didn't give any warning signs. Pretty stupid move on his half as well as there were two cars following close behind him.

    I really had only two options, squeeze my brakes and hope for the best and probably either t-bone him or low slide into him or (the option I chose) really concentrate on proper braking technique and slow down enough to go around the back of him while keeping the bike upright. I was actually surprised and proud that I kept it upright as the roads were very slippery.

    I understand that near misses are boring these days if there is no video but decided to post it up anyway as a reminder of how practicing proper braking may actually save your life.

    Lucky I wasn't going 68 though ;)
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  2. No video? This thread is boring.

    Seriously though, glad you came out okay, greasy roads are a right pita in such situations, sounds like you did well to stay upright in the circumstances.
  3. Good work! E braking in the wet if one of my biggest fears. You did really well to stay up.
  4. Your thread is boring, it needs some
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  5. Best thread detour ever. Needs more people.

    Mods: feel free to change heading to please post boobies (female mammaries, not birds etc)
  6. Did you turn around and give that twat a serve or what?
    I'd be boiling!

    Ps nice boobies by the way.
  7. I concentrated on not smashing that by the time I was in the clear there was nothing left to do apart from continue on home and change my underwear.

    I travel that way almost every day for work, I made a mental note of what car/colour and said to myself to get my own next time.

    But, I got over it and now can't remember what car or colour, I think it was a ford territory.

    On that note, for the noobs and experienced, another example of no matter how many times you travel a route and think you know it like the back of your hand that it can still throw a spanner in there at times.
  8. Well done! You should treat every emergency like that.
    Brake as req'd to get some speed off so you can swerve around, or head away from danger.
    NEVER just train yourself to stop. Sometimes you can only stop, but most of the time there is an 'out'.

    Good job! :)
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