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Drivers who throw ciggie butts out of the windows !! . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. One of my pet hates !!

    On Sunday, 33degC in Sydney with high winds and this dickhead in a Ford Ka ! yeah one of those european things decides to throw his cigarette butt out of the window !!

    I toot my horn immediately and gave the no-no pointer finger movement !
    (I seriously need to look at getting a Harley horn ! The jap bike horns do not sound authoritative. :p)

    Anyway i can see the lights are turning red up ahead so i thought i'll have a friendly chat with the guy. You know, tell him about the risks of bush fires and that we are driving through the Baulkham Hills shire !!

    The following took me by surprise !!

    Get this ! the dude closes his window and ignores me !!! :shock:

    Totally ignores me knowing that i;m looking right down onto him and tapped his window !! :rofl: hahahahaha

    I'm sure theres a website or hotline somewhere where you can dob in drivers who throw cigarette butts out of windows. It was an example of pure irresponsibility and a danger especially in our up and coming bushfire season !!
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  3. Yeah, those wankers shit me too. In future, see if you can catch the butt and throw it back though thier window. They don't mind if it burns a hole in your jacket so they should be fine with it burning a hole in their carpet. :)
  4. i've twice seen fires on median strips in the 'burbs, presumably from ciggie butts being flicked. One was a raging fire on the Eastern Freeway. I'll never understand these people.
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  7. dude he was driving a Ka, they are like 47KW or something like that, of course he cowered. lol.
  8. LOL, nice one Mick ;)
  9. Yep, I was gunna say - report them to EPA. It's definitely littering, and cigarettes on a hot day should really land someone a massive fine.
  10. Yeah he prob thought that the Ka wasn,t going as fast as it could so he had to get rid of any excess weight, thus the ciggie out the window. :)
  11. Good work Mickyb.
    That Would scared the shit right outta them. Bet He coulda snapped a bit of 4 be 2 in between his butt cheeks when you tapped on the window. :LOL:

    It gives me the shits too. reported a tool this morning for throwing a ciggie out the window. The stupid woman knows its the wrong thing to do but does it anyway???? She wont be acting so smug when the fine comes through!
  12. Looks like you scared the bloke :LOL: :twisted:
    What is the fine on throwing butts out the window :?:
  13. Gold :LOL:

    i'd love to see that, and would certainly vote for it in the schweppes classic catches!! :LOL: :LOL:
  14. That gets me, too. I see it a lot.

    To all those who chuck ciggies and ash out the window: THERE'S A F---ING ASHTRAY IN YOUR CAR FOR A REASON!!!!
  15. So, umm... are you saying that if I have a grudge against somebody all I have to do is ring up that number and report them throwing a ciggie out their window and that'll cop them a fine? Sweet :)

    Or are you suggesting once EPA receive your call they dispatch a crack evidence-gathering team to the location of the crime to collect the butt, match fingerprints/DNA and so on?

    I kind of doubt either of the above scenarios would be true...
  16. Not to offend any smokers here (well, not too much ;)), but I do wonder about the 'I don't care aout my body/I don't care about the world around me' link with smokers sometimes...
  17. I have reported about a dozen drivers to the EPA using their reporting website.
    You need to get the details of the vehicle, time and place where the dirt-bag threw the butt out and if possible a description of the driver.
    You also acknowledge you are prepared to go to court to give a statement if the offender decides to challenge the infringement notice.
    The EPA then sends out the fine.....jobs done!

    So far none of the people I have reported have bothered to fight the fine, but I will happily read out my version of the events in court if called to do so.

    Smokers, go smoke 'em as much as you want - I have no problem with that but, no matter what you think, the world is NOT your ashtray!
  18. Yes i've seen drivers thowing butts out the window too. Saw a guy throw one out the window in the middle of bushfire season. It's a bit hard to understand how their minds work.

  19. It is true, they do send out fines in the mail, I have reported two people thus far, as long as you get rego numbers, and a description of the car and can tell them the location of the incident, the onus is on them to prove they did NOT commit the offence you reported them for.It also helps to have wittnesss, like I did(3 other riders I was with saw me try and choke this bloke through his window in Bell st, he just shrugged his shoulders and took off.)
    My bro has also recieved a fine in the mail when his ex GF's kid threw a macca's bag out the window(while he was shouting at her not too, bloody kids).
  20. Any time to throw rubbish or ciggie butts out of a car window is bad, with the forecast of a dry hot summer it's even worse.