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Drivers suck, AKA My fence vs a Corolla

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Spiritech, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. For those who don't know I live on an intersection, accidents are common but this result isn't. Some arsehole has driven in to my fence. Story is the driver of the Corolla drove through a red light, hit the Commodore and took out my fence. Which I only had put up 6 god damn months ago. Now I'm going to have the insurance bullshit to deal with. A few photos attached for your pleasure, I'd blank out the rego of the car I hit but I don't give a shit right now as this happened 5 minutes ago. 20160926_190418. 20160926_190424. 20160926_190432. 20160926_190440.

  2. Nuts mate. You shouldn't have to pay a cent though, the drivers insurance will have to pay your insurance excess.
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  3. Still out my brand new fence til the insurance company get into gear. Paid a lot of money less than 6 months ago for the fence, now I have a fence with a corolla shaped hole. Been out an surveyed it, I can't even bend it back up, the uprights have torn at ground level. Anyway I've taken a half day off to put up something temporary in the afternoon, just pissed right off.
  4. is that the driver the cops are chatting up ?
    doesnt look to bright
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  5. Certainly wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, I was surprised when he blew 0.0BAC. That said at least there were no injuries or deaths, this intersection I live on has had several fatalities due to red light runners since I moved in a few years ago. Glad I didn't run out to a dead body in a car this time.
  6. you could carve a couple of slices off the rump for me next time
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  7. Damn that fencing isn't cheap :-(

    As you say at least no one was injured, heres hoping the insurance is a quick fix too
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  8. I'll keep you in mind next time, that said it's hard to get the carving knife out and nick off a few slices when the cops have turned up.
  9. Certainly isn't, whole fence is Colourbond, at least half of it is totally ruined due to bending that has progressed along the fence line, was over 5 grand worth of fence installed and I reckon most of it is toast. I've got a half day off tomorrow to put up some temporary fencing in the afternoon because I know the insurance is going to be a long process.
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  10. Yeah I hear ya. Look at least the knobjockey driving didn't manage to collect your actual house as well...
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  11. I live on a couple acres my house is a good 50 metres of landscape gardening and 30 year old oak trees away from the fence, he would have to be doing warp 9.9 and manage to miss every oak to hit the house
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  12. Happy you and the family are well Kefford :happy:, sorry about the fence :banghead:.
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  13. Thanks brother, I've got a lot a shit to deal with now, hopefully my riding weekend isn't fcuked up from this,
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  14. gday SpiritechSpiritech, sorry to hear about this. I am pleased that you and yours weren't injured in any way. I don't know how you didn't run out and job the idiot before the cops got there. he could easily have hurt someone very badly.
  15. When I heard the crash I had violence on my mind however it is a long walk/run out to the street. The thing that shit me off the most when I got out there was emergency services telling me to stay away from my own fence because it's "unsafe" despite my own qualifications in mechanical engineering. Anyway by the time I got to the fence and the scene I'd calmed down a bit and was more concerned about the drivers and passengers, as I said earlier I have run out to fatalities(which I don't post) in the past and attempted CPR several times. I'm goddamn pissed off about my brand new fence being fcuked up but also glad I didn't have to run out and try to resuscitate someone.