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Drivers not aware of surroundings rant

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Sh!ts me to tears. Riding along yesterday with the GF on the back, riding past this booner/bevan/bogan woman, fag hanging out of her mouth, she decides she'd like to take my place in the lane i'm in! Of course doesnt check mirrors, blind spot or even right next to her, only to realise i'm there cause i'm on the horn (and on the gas!). Pulls up the lights and i'm shaking my head. She says "Well f#ck, i'm sorry!", to which I replied "Sorry doesn't pay the hospital bills".

    It's how drivers are so nonchalant about it is what sh!ts me the most - the fact that the could have seriously injured someone through their incompetence/laziness then not even give a sh!t.

    End rant :evil:

  2. I know that bikes can be pretty hard to see so im pretty forgiving providing i get some sort of apologetic gesture...

    I cant beleive some peoples attitudes though :furious:
  3. I hate that sorry wave, that doesn't even come past the shoulder, it's kinda like "myeh, not even worht my breath"

    i hate them people.

    bloke in a convertible came straight across at eme once, without looking at all. i'm glad i was phlegmy.
  4. Yeah, that's the one! The meh wave i shall call it!

    I can understand that people make mistakes, and yep, when they're genuinely apologetic I can live with it. But it's the "I dont give a stuff about anyone else on the road" attitude that gets me. Unfortunately, Canberra is full of those!! (ps, i am Canberran!)
  5. Must have been the heat...

    I had a young lady head check over her left shoulder while indicating right, so naturally she didnt notice me and vered right into the lane I was in. At night a car pissed off at me and my mates for taking up the road tried to swerve into us, we let him get passed then he and his ms's gave us the finger. We gave chase for a bit but pulled back when we realised he was too dangerous driver to worry about...
  6. The story on here of the rider who was able to piff a shaken up and opened can of Red Bull through the driver's window is still my personal favourite.
  7. At last! A sensible reason to buy an open-face helmet! :LOL:
  8. why were you sitting right next to a car? Asking for trouble is you ask me.
  9. Yeah it is, but only because most Drivers DONT F$%&KING HEADCHECK [​IMG]
  10. If your question's addressed to the original poster, they were riding past the car, not sitting right next to it.
  11. Yeah, attitudes like that really shit me.

    You should've rammed that cigarette up her arse! Smoking while driving is worse than using a mobile phone in my opinion. I hate having to breathe that shit! :evil:
  12. nah, flipped the lid and pulled it down. I've hocked inside my own closed helmet before i'm not the brightest kettle of fish in the pond of tools.
  13. Granted, there is always a small amount of time when your passing a car where you are side by side with them, but it should only be for a split second.
  14. I still like the left handed index finger and thumb making a circle then raised to the visor. "have you got eyes?"

    Still I mostly ignore stupid behaviour because its expected. I know it seriously pisses people off but for the sake of our sanity and wellbeing its just best to expect the idiots and only acknowledge the respectful drivers. I always wave thanks.

    But I also don't live in a major city (social r-tard hives) home of the suburban species "Homo Stupidus"
  15. yeah i got that 1 2 a guy in a beemer cut my off so i blew the horn gave no reaction but he was looking in the mirror kinda laughing so i flipped him the bird then he had the hide 2 return suit
  16. Just a tip:
    There's no 160 character limit on your posts. You CAN use punctuation, AND real words. It'll make it a lot easier for the rest of us to translate. ;)
  17. sorry guess thats why i almost failed english
  18. I was driving with a friend who changed lanes without a headcheck a while back, as as she moved into the lane she got a quick beep as a pissed off biker (squished to the right of his lane), took off past us. That was before I got my license. And as soon as I got it I went on a rampage threatening to disembowel my friends if they didn't headcheck as they could very well kill me from their laziness.

    The thing that pisses me off when I'm in the situation of someone merging onto me is, that when I beep them to let them know they're running me over, they get hell pissed off and beep back with angry looks on their faces. COME ON!!!!
  19. & thats long enough to take someone off their bike dude.
  20. Yeah, i make sure not to sit next to cars (not always possible like in traffic) and never sit in blind spots. But I was also on my GS500 with a pillion so it's not like I could just power past!!

    Like I said, I can handle people making mistakes, its just how they dont even give a sh!t of the consquences theyre stupid little mistakes (as they see it) can cause.