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Drivers could pay extra for life in fast lane [UK]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I believe this idea was discussed here earlier this year on nr.....will have a look for the thread :)
  2. Im sure the ice age was too. This now presents an actual working model. If you bother to read it you might have some contemporary input to the proposition.
  3. all i was getting at was a few people gave their opinion on where they thought this idea would work.......wasn't that what you were asking? :?
  4. I ask the question of why?
    So you create a new lane. that is cool.
    Then you charge people to use it. If the lane bares them any value it is because it is underutilized. If it is underutilized then why not let every one use it and try to alleviate congestion.
    This is just one more sign of a society with two classes. those with money and power and those who can just go get f$%ked.

    It's bloody disgraceful.
  5. The people with all the money are already paying for so much more. More income = more tax, so they really should just take a lane and tell you to get fcuked anyway. :LOL:
  6. who said I am not one of the people who can afford to take the express lane?
    As for paying more taxes. They also are commonly using more resources, It also must be identified that how much tax they pay is somewhat irrelevant in comparison to the value they actually provide to society. A Real estate agent does very little (In producing) but earns bucket loads. How does that make them worth more to society than a nurse or a teacher who provided a lot back to society but they definitely earn more. Let us also note that the number of ways to avoid tax for those with large amounts of capital are huge, while those with very little capital assets are very few. so in fact a lot of big earners don't actually pay that much tax at the end of the day.
  7. /me air guitars the opening riff of 'Life In The Fast Lane'
  8. falcon lord by your reasoning gordon gekko was worthless? :grin:

    i guess he did sort of self-proclaim it. It's the capitalist system of owners vs. producers.
  9. We seem to have got rather far afield of the fast lane idea. ;)

    I tend to agree, though, that it's one more wedge between the wealthy and the rest of society. Why not find better transport alternatives and solutions for everyone?
  10. By the very quotes attributed to the charter Yes, he is a social vampire simply feeding of the misfortune of others without producing any value whatsoever.
    "I create nothing. I own."
  11. Actually in general more income tends to equal less tax and more income for accountants to make that a reality.
  12. Yep, I agree with FL, this idea is sh!t. If there's traffic problems, widen the road, improve the network, whatever. The road is public infrastructure, it's not a bloody nightclub with a VIP entrance for the exclusive people.
  13. +1 to that. Of course you only need one half-blind pensioner paying the toll then driving no faster than the rest of the traffic anyway (or one person deliberately driving slow as an act of protest ;)) and the whole entire system falls on it's arse. Meanwhile I'd like to know how they plan on ensuring vehicles only break down near one of the designated safety zones :? .
  14. This model seems to be an admission that you will never get people to take up public transport in enough numbers and still be happy to pay a premium to drive vehicles.
  15. I would more say it is a money grabbing exercise.
    An Admission that public transport sucks but still trying to alleviate congestion would be a transit lane for vehicles with more than one passenger or that are two wheeled.
  16. “The technology for turning the hard shoulder into a running lane could have other applications"

    Yeah, like totally blocking it for emergency vehicles if a few wealthy muppets decide to rear-end each others Bentlys......whoever came up with this stupidity has the I.Q of a cucumber.
  17. That seems to be the case here in Canberra, those stupid transit lanes are popping up a fair bit. It does highlight how cars have only one driver though, and it generally gives me a free ride on the bike! But given the congestion on these roads sometimes, it would seem more intelligent just to make the lane open to all road users.
  18. I know of one transit lane (on Adelaide Ave). Where are all these other lanes that are "popping up a fair bit"?