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Driver walks free after crippling rider!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Geoff3DMN, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. They can take civil action but whats the point.. hes a pensioner..

    Ridiculous :shock:
  2. It's a tough one. A sober man makes an honest mistake on the road and horribly someone is f*^ked up from it. It's an accident and it sucks, but it's also one of the dangers of being on the road, especially on a bike. If the guy was drunk, on drugs, driving illegally, then yeah, throw the book at him, but he just made an honest mistake.
    I feel sorry for the bikie and also the driver, I know how I'd feel if I stuffed up and did this much damage to an innocent person, taking my licence off me wouldn't change much.

  3. Thats FU##**^!IN making me feel sick ,angry,and generally pissed of just reading that.If the old guy cant see a bike and because of his negligence causes so much trauma to other people his licence should at least be suspended if not cancelled and make him re sit his licence. Oh and make him STAND IN FRONT OF A TRUCK AND SEE IF HE SEES THAT
  4. True..

    What is a suitable punishment?

    I suspect having a criminal conviction wouldnt have changed the
    way the parents felt bc no punishment can compensate or would
    feel adequate when you realise the damage that was done
  5. hmmm......how the F&$# can you not see?
  6. Z: You ever not seen someone on the road? I turned out in front of a car once, didn't see him, lucky he saw me and avoided the collision. I was amazed at how I could have missed him, I was 20 years old, wide awake and sober. I made a mistake, because people make mistakes (even almost perfect ones like me :p ).

    We don't know if he's negligent, he may be perfectly fit to drive, may have been paying attention to the road and just plain missed the bike, and I bet he is mortified about it. Let's get angry about the drunk idiots who end up on the wrong side of the road causing head ons, let's get angry about the 18 year old ricers dragging at 180kph through city streets and hitting pedestrians, that is negligence, that is not caring about the lives of others, this guy just made a mistake that had horrible consequences, but let's not lose sight of the fact that he wasn't being a moron and it was an accident.

  7. I think it depends. If the guy is as mortified at what he has done as I think most of us would be in his shoes, then I think the knowledge of what he has done is enough of a punishment (and this is what the judge basically said).

    If the guy is like "so what? I f^$ked up, so sue me", then I'd throw everything I could at him, including civil suits.

    Justice is arbitrary, and no book of punishments in the world can ensure it. If the goal of punishment is to serve as a deterrant, this guy probably doesn't need one. If he however doesn't care about the damage he has done, then maybe 5 years in prison is what he needs to learn that what he does to other people affects him too. People are different, and a good legal system (in the form of a good judge) will make the punishment fit not just the crime but the offender.

  8. The same way anyone here could get knocked over 2moro morning.
    Shit happens all the time bro

    Uno what old drivers can be like
  9. Well i am probably pissed about this sort of (accident) as i have heard that myself from 3 seperate car drivers that i have hit and luckily i am not like that poor bugger. Theres only so many times you get to hear SORRY I DIDNT SEE YOU.And he was charged so there muist have been a reason for that
  10. True.
  11. Is the rule of riding (so i have read) that anyone could pull out in front of you will? Should you ride prepared for every car to pull out in front of your path with no warning or indication?

    As Sir_b said accidents will happen.
  12. i don't wanna be a smartA$$ but no i've never not seen someone on the road before pulling out. maybe just lucky so far.
  13. At the very least, they should have suspended his license.

    Before my time (I'm told) there was a system for attaining a license that required a zero error rate: one mistake during your test and you would not get your license. The reason this sort of testing makes sense is cases like this: one mistake and you could kill someone, or many people.

    Cars are lethal weapons. If the old man failed to see the motorcyclist, then that's a mistake worth losing your license for, at the VERY LEAST. We'll never know, but odds are this is just another SMIDSY case, where the driver would have seen the motorcyclist if he really looked, and took care in his driving. The fact is most people take driving their car for granted - they think it's a right. To pedestrians, motorcyclists and other vunerable road users it's this attitude that has lethal consequences far too often, and is a far more important issue that our Government and courts should address than petty speeding. :p
  14. U sure should mate.. otherwise it wont be long B4 U become
    a statistic

    Well I clearly remember in training that you are told to expect
    the unexpected from any motorist thats on the road & be pre-
    pared at all times for it
  15. I don't think you're being a smart arse at all. You never have, that's great, but my point is that I have, and many many many other drivers have too, it can happen, and you don't have to be an old blind fart to have it happen to you.

  16. Why, because this mistake ended tragically? Have you ever been on the road for more than 10 minutes without seeing someone do something stupid? I get cut off every day on the way to work by people who don't look before pulling into the left lane after passing parked cars (of which I have plenty of room to get past in the same lane), if I didn't see it coming, and placed myself in the wrong place I'd get hit every single day. Do all these drivers that make a mistake deserve to have their licences suspended, or only the unlucky ones that make a mistake that ends in a tragic outcome?

    If we all lived by your standards Tenoq, you'd be the only one on the road.

  17. Not even tonoq would be on the road bro, bc everyone
    has made that mistake B4. We've just been fortunate
    we havent had an incident bc of it
  18. Absolutely! However, this is much harder to do at night where you lose a lot of the little 'indicators' (eg. the direction in which the driver is looking) used to predict driver actions.
  19. It's a rule of staying alive that you keep yourself alive and don't rely on the other guy to do it for you. Until I'm 100% sure that the guy who wants to pull out isn't going to do it in front of me, I make sure I can either stop or avoid him in time if he does fail to see me. Sometimes that means braking, sometimes it means repositioning in my lane, etc, but it's never "let's just hope he doesn't".