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News Driver pleads not guilty to Mount Panorama motorcycle crash death

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by Mouth, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. A MAN charged in relation to a fatal motorbike crash on Mount Panorama has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

    Peter James Sait, 58, from Sydney, was represented by solicitor James Taylor when he made a brief appearance before magistrate Michael Allen in Bathurst Local Court this morning.

    Mr Taylor told the court his client was pleading not guilty to all charges which included dangerous driving occasioning death, negligent driving occasioning death, dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, cause bodily harm by misconduct and negligent driving.

    The charges relate to a collision between a motorbike and 4WD at The Esses on Mount Panorama.

    The rider of the bike, a 43-year-old man, died at the scene while a 14-year-old pillion passenger suffered a number of injuries and was airlifted to Westmead Hospital.

    Police allege a Toyota Prado 4WD, driven by Sait, was travelling in the opposite direction when the two collided.

    Police and emergency services were called to the scene and immediately attended to the two people travelling on the motorbike.

    In court yesterday, Sait sat silently through the brief proceedings, only standing up to identify himself when Mr Allen asked Mr Taylor if his client was present.

    Mr Allen adjourned the matter, ordering a brief be served on or before April 6, 2015 with the matter due back before Bathurst Local Court on April 20, 2015.


    Ref: http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/s...s-not-guilty-to-mount-panorama-crash-charges/
  2. I don't know the facts of this but how can you plead not guilty (morally anyway) if you're driving the wrong way around the track and cause a death?
  3. I'd have to go and check but I was under the impression that when not in use as a race track the circuit is open to two way traffic. What is a common occurrence is people from out of the area coming in and trying to drive the circuit as though they're Perter Brock (local P platers do it sometimes as well but they know how often the road is patrolled so it doesn't happen as often), when really they barely qualify for a licence at all. There's a very strictly enforced speed limit on that road. I like to ride the circuit once in a while but you have to be VERY careful to watch your speed and stay to the left of your lane. There are also several private residences up there as well as a hotel, so the road is rarely completely empty if anyone thinks that's a justification.
  4. I believe that track is a 2 way public road
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  5. I suppose it was inevitable that he would deny the charges, but just once it would be nice to see someone man up and take responsibility for their actions
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  6. basejumperbasejumper and Dark AngelDark Angel - thanks for clarifying, that does explain that plea a bit better in my mind at least! Didn't know it was a 2 way...
  7. It's still no excuse for what happened. There isn't a race fan in the country that doesn't know how tight that track is in places, and it's well signposted.

    I like riding the track once in a while, but please be careful there folks, one dickhead can ruin your whole life.
  8. I was under the impression it was 1 way only (the opposite direction to which it is raced on)and is limited to 50KM/h. I could be wrong, but thats what I have been told.
  9. There is a low speed limit, not sure what it currently is but it is two way


    Edited to Add: Looks like Speed Limit is 60k

  10. I'm pretty sure the speed limit is right, but the last time I rode around there it was the same direction they race ... just nice and steady for the cameras.
  11. 60 k limit and two way road when not in use as a race track.

    I go there once a year in my Torana with a local car club.
  12. I love the automatic assumption that the car was in the wrong. How many 4wds get booked for being driven like race cars as opposed to motorcycles being booked for being ridden like race bikes?????
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  13. There seems to be a case to answer,we will all know in time beyond a reasonable doubt.My only comment is the road is very narrow in those bends,and in some cases some have no idea how wide there car is
  14. Not nearly enough.
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  15. Way to evade the question....
  16. I didn't evade the question. To expand my answer, not nearly enough people trying to drive 4x4s like race cars get pulled over and charged as compared to people on bikes. Does that suit you better or should I add some personal anecdotes suggesting how common people driving irresponsibly in 4x4s is?
  17. According to this report, someone was on the wrong side of the road. Considering the bevy of charges thrown at the driver of the 4WD, I'd say it's fairly safe to assume the 4WD was at fault, no?

    Death on Mount Panorama: motorcycle and car collide in fatal accident
    Jan. 19, 2015, 4:30 a.m.

    FATAL CRASH: A 14-year-old was airlifted to Westmead Children’s Hospital yesterday afternoon following a fatal crash on Mount Panorama. Photo: ZENIO LAPKA 011815zcrash2

    ONE person died and a second suffered serious injuries in an accident at Mount Panorama on Sunday afternoon.

    The accident occurred at approximately 12.35pm when a motorcycle and Toyota four-wheel drive collided at Forrest’s Elbow.

    Police, paramedics and two helicopters attended the scene.

    Early reports indicated the motorcycle, carrying a passenger, was travelling clockwise up Mount Panorama while the 4WD, carrying two people, was travelling anti-clockwise when they collided at Forrest’s Elbow.

    “It would appear that one of the vehicles crossed over the line and collided with the other,” Inspector Colin Cracknell said.

    The rider of the motorcycle died at the scene.

    Their 14-year-old passenger was airlifted to Westmead Children’s Hospital with numerous fractures and possible internal injuries.

    The driver of the 4WD was arrested at the scene to undergo mandatory drug and alcohol testing.

    He is now assisting police with their investigation.

    Crash investigators from Sydney have been called in to determine the cause of the accident, however, at this stage it appears speed was not a factor.

    Mount Panorama was closed between the end of Conrod Straight and the entry to McPhillamy Park, where drivers, who were unaware of the accident, were required to turn around.

    Inspector Cracknell advised residents and tourists to remember Mount Panorama is subject to the same rules and conditions as any road used throughout NSW, and to adhere to the 60km/h speed limit.
  18. I agree. I wouldn't stand behind the rider and go at the driver just because I ride. Whether you're at fault or not falls on a lot more as to what vehicle you're in control of. Some more information would be good before judgements are made.
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  19. In Australia? not gonna happen..

    how many 4wd's do you see cutting corners, especially esses?
    sometimes it seems like every single one...
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  20. The original Police media report was very critical of the driver indicating that they were over 0.05 and they were the party on the wrong side of the road. The report has been withdrawn from the police site presumably while the Coroner makes a determination.