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Driver peripheral vision

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by quietman, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. I nearly got cleaned up by a woman (assuming it was a woman) who pulled out of side street in front of me this morning and I am convinced the fact she was wearing a Burqa contributed to the near miss.

    I wear a balaclava under my helmet on very cold days (not many this year :) ) but a balaclava has large holes and they are pressed up against your face so peripheral vision is not affected.

    However these Burqa's I increasingly see drivers wearing have only very small holes not much bigger than an eyeball but more importantly because they are loose against the face I'd be surprised if they can see anything at all that isnt come right at them directly from in front. :shock:

    I dont wish this to turn into a religious debate, I ask my question purely from a safety and legal point of view.

    Isn't there a road regulation that drivers/riders must not have their vision encumbered?

    I'm sure they wouldnt have got their licence if they were wearing these during their test so just wondering :-k

  2. tell her to take the bus, she or he wont have any problems there :shock:
  3. one cannot racially or religiously vilify anyone, odds are nothing would of been said either way.
  4. I don't believe he/she needs to go that far, but surely for the short time they're behind the wheel inside a car you'd think they could leave it off.

    I don't understand your comment in the current context :-k
  5. I thought the comments was in regards to passing the test initially.
  6. Im sure the cops wont have the backbone to issue a neg driving either.

    Youre right, this isnt a religious debate, its got nothing to do with religion, only about using a bit of common sense when driving out on the roads.
  7. So what? She's wearing a burkha and driving just like every other person on the road, female, male, muslim, christian, ar$ehole or otherwise.

    HTFU soldier. ;)

    (PS. This thread is SOOOOO gonna get moved elsewhere when a mod reads it.)
  8. This is an interesting subject…
    A man was refused his motorcycle licence because he would not take off his turban and ware a helmet…
    Why not a woman because she refuses to take of an article of clothing that will impair her ability to navigate the roads safely?
    And vilification is not the same as a credible and defined safety issue that is not about race, but about an article of clothing.
  9. +1 - Standard driver realy, this one just happened to be wearing a Burqa
  10. Taking it off will not magically make this person a better and more observant driver..
  11. david gets a toffee apple
  12. If you believe peripheral vision has no influence on how observant a driver can potentially be then you'd be right, however with respect I disagree with you.

    Sounds like you dont but I use peripheral vision when riding and driving. I dont need to turn my head constantly to see what things are moving in and out of my local area, I rely on my peripheral vision.

    Here's an interest comment by a woman who experimented with wearing a Burqa for a day:

    http://snipurl.com/nzjt4 [www_goddesslife_com]

    "Still, I set out to explore wearing a burqa for a day, and I was determined to follow through. I first experimented with ordinary things like eating, talking on the phone and driving a car. Everything was hard because it was hard to see out of two tiny slits. I had trouble finding my phone in my purse, let alone talking on it. Driving was downright dangerous because I had no peripheral vision."
  13. If she's so fundamentalist that she wears a full burqa and not just the Hijab, then she shouldn't be bloody driving anyway. (She wouldn't be allowed to under Sharia Law)

    Cracks me up these Muslims that pick and chose which aspects of their culture they will follow in OUR society depending on what suits them.
  14. It does and should any other mainstream culture complain, they could get labelled racist because religion is just about untouchable in any PC sense.
  15. +1 to expect every driver to be blind but it doesn't mean that because you expect it that its right.

    Just because you know birds sh!t does it mean you won't get p1ssed off if 1 sh!ts on you? or is it HTFU?

    I used to own a hyundai and before I sold it I wanted to go for a drive in bike gear and helmet for a laugh but didn't because it hinders vision (I know they use it in racing but I think driving on a track will require different spots to keep an eye for then on a road + more faith on fellow racers compared to faith in general population).

    P.s. where do I collect my toffee apple?
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  17. OK ok guys. OP's completely right.

    I do not see how either of these two women could possibly control that car safely
  18. theres nothing here that a shoulder check wouldnt have fixed. lets face it regardless of race, colour, age or any other factor. if they were looking regardless of burka they wouldve seen you. as usual its an untrained/ uncaring driver that is cutting riders (and im sure other car drivers off the road)
  19. Nah, this particular Burqa wasn't that bad, it looked more like this:-

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    Hehe.. appeasement monkeys... :applause: